Cindy Crawford’s husband sued for sexual harassment

Looks like there’s trouble brewing for Cindy Crawford’s husband restaurateur Rande Gerber. Seems that couple of ladies who used to work for Rande are suing him for sexual harassment. They claim that they were fired for refusing to give into the sexual advances of Gerber and his managers.

Now what do they mean by advances? Well for one thing it’s being alleged that Rande tired to kiss one of the young ladies not once, not twice, but thrice! This was while she was working in a Gerber operation called the Moonstone Lounge. When kissy kissy didn’t work Rande shoved his hand up under her skirt and took a grab at the goodies. So you might say that he got caught red handed & with his finger int he cookie jar!
So naturally this state of affairs has lead to litigation. The ladies are suing Mr Gerber and his Midnight Oil restaurant chain for an undisclosed amount of mula. Since it’s already too late to keep this out of the media, then I assume that Mr Gerber is gonna concentrate more on clearing his name, rather than protecting his image. As too why Gerber might cheat when he’s got access to Crawford, only he can say – but there have been rumours about him sharing the love before. Like the song says – “How do you like it? More more more.”

Buck toothed pagans think that they’re better than regular Christians!
What well known ‘sect’ includes space sex and alien super babies among it’s official canon of teachings – The Order of the Solar Temple? The Raelians? Oh no – it’s the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, better known as the Mormons. They teach more stuff too, like mainline Christian Church are the Whore of Babylon – including Pentecostals and Baptists (those poor buggers only think they’re saved), not just the Roman Catholic Church. They also claim that they can teach you how to bluff your way past the guardians of heaven using special masonic handshakes and code words!  learn more about their bizarre teachings by watching the following little video, produced by some irate fundamentalists. I guess that they didn’t appreciate the ‘great whore’ crack.
We should’ve guess that they weren’t so wholesome. There had to be more going on there then buck toothed Osmonds singing pop music harmony! Their ‘magic underwear’ teachings are intriguing though.

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Paris Hilton on swine flu

NBC exec dies on the set

NBC VP Nora O’ Brien died earlier today while on the set of pilot series Parenthood, on location in Berkeley. OBrien came to NBC via the cable networks. She was responsible for developing Stargate and Stargate Atlantis fro the Sci Fi Network. When NBC merged with several of the small cable oprations, O Brien got kicked up stairs as VP of drama programming. O Brien made an extremely good impression in her new role. Collegues describe her as hard working, fair, and easy going. O Brien is beleived to have succumbed to a brain aneurysm.

Miss California wants to take America back

Miss California has found a new line of work after blowing her shot at the Miss America crown. It seems that Carrie Prejean has taken on the role of anti gay crusader. Well not really anti gay, but anti gay marriage. During the Q&A section of the contest – always trouble – Carrie claimed that marriage was only for oppositely sexed folk of the Christian persuasion who had the blessing of God, their kin folk, and a pastor. It wasn’t for Adam and Steve. Now gay marriage activists would say that’s practically anti gay.

Carrie has already set the ball rolling with an interview on the Today Show. Carrie claimed that the issue was something very dear to her heart. She also prefers to concentrate on the positive, by insisting that she’s “defending traditional marriage”. Well at least she has an upbeat attitude (not sure other will buy the spin). So Ms California seems intent on taking America back. With her controversial public stand she cold well become the most disliked former beauty pageant contestant since Sarah Palin! I guess she’s determined to prove that good looks will only get you so far in making a good impression, even with cosmetically enhanced breasts! Apparently she doesn’t believe that everything has to be the way nature intended. It’s nice to know that she has some wiggle room on the issues.

Chris Brown wants case thrown out

It looks like the Chris Brown assault case might get dismissed. That’s the incident that made headlines around the world when Brown assaulted his girlfriend Rihanna. It seemed pretty open and shut since there were many witnesses, and there were also some incriminating pictures. The pictures may be the problem. Seems Brown’s attorney is claiming that the police were the ones who leaked the photos of a battered Rihanna – real name Robyn Fenty – to the press. If that’s the case then their actions could’ve prejudiced the pool of potential jurors. That would make it impossible for Brown to get a fair trial. Now they could try moving the trial out of the jurisdiction, but since everyone on the planet, and even the crew of the international space station,. has seen the pix, it wouldn’t help much. That makes throwing the case out a very real possibility.
To make matters even worse, a wife of one of the police officers was on one of the gossip sites (JustJared I think) on the day of the attack, telling everyone what she knew. What she knew was that her husband had to answer a domestic battery charge involving Chris Brown and Rihanna. No one believed the mystery poster at first. When the news broke there was even an editor from US posting on the board trying to get in touch with her. So I’m not sure that bodes well for a fair trial as far as Chris is concerned. So once again it appears that an accused person will walk because the police have dropped the ball! 
Well at least Rihanna won’t mind too much. Current buzz has her shacking up with Chris!
Controversy seems to go hand in hand with fame. Bearing that in mind lets take a look at the most famous sorcerer, and anthropologist, of the 20th century – Carlos Castaneda. The Peruvian born American author was way scarier than Harry Potter, believe me! For one thing he had a lot more drug related freak outs then anyone at Hogwarts ever did, with the possible exception of that little school bully who was arrested for growing pot!
Bungle in the Jungle

Findings inconclusive
While BBC4 makes a strong case against Castaneda, it’s circumstantial, and far from air tight. For instance the Yaqui woman who claimed that Castaneda didn’t learn anything significant wasn’t proven to be Juan Matus’ wife. In fact in the books Matus is depicted as single, and having abandoned his wife long ago. It is also suggested that Castaneda’s female companions, who were with him at the end, killed themselves when Castaneda died. Yet their bodies weren’t found (except for Castaneda’s adopted daughter).  Also there is no mention of who identified Castaneda’s remains. We are only told that they were cremated within the week. So all we really know is that Castaneda and his party disappeared, we is exactly what he said would happen. As far as we know he really did escape into infinity.
Now for a dose of Daily Dharma – Relational Buddhism

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Tyra Banks confronts stalker

Tyra Banks takes the stand to day against her alleged stalker Brady Green. Green – a drifter from Dublin, Georgia – is alleged to have done creepy stuff like sending Banks love letter sand flowers. Oh yeah and he also threatened to kill one of Banks producers, and claims to have a fleet of satellites keeping banks under constant surveillance. Gren was nabbed while lurking just out side Banks Chelsea Productions – the studio where her show is taped.

Tupac Alive?

TMZ has published the following picture of a man currently in Bourbon Street Louisiana, and suggesting that it might be allegedly murdered rap singer Tupac Shakur.

Octomom under investigation

oSocial workers from the Orange County Child Protective Services Dept, and two police detectives from the La Habra Police Dept payed Octomom Nadya Suleman a visit today. So what was the beef, besides the obvious? Well one of Octomom’s numerous brood showed up in school with a black eye. That seems to have prompted a teacher to place a complaint. Octomom has an explanation – she says that the child is autistic and bumps into stuff alot.

Now many would find that hard to believe. They might find it easy to believe that Octomom got short tempered. The general consensus is that she’s bitten off more than she can chew. Even if you buy her explanation, it would clearly show that she’s incapable of handling the situation. Now this could be bad news for her since if CPS takes the tots, that ruins her prospects for a reality TV show. That is unless she now qualifies for some kind of assistance grant. Like the say – the wheel is crooked and it’s the only game in town.

The Great Escape – Beyonce uses extra sensory deception

Can you tell the difference? 9 out of 10 Krauts can’t tell the difference between regular Beyonce and new improved Beyonce!

Will the real Beyonce Knowles please stand up

The following is a tale of celebrities, impostors, and cunning ruses; but not in the way you might think. In fact it also involves an American giving a bunch of krauts the slip and getting away – just like in the movies, but not Scot free. The celebrity is none other than the lovely and talented Beyonce, and the impostor comes in during a recent high brow art gallery event over in Vienna Austria. Seems that the lovely Beyonce got invited to the Albertina Museum for a VIP tour and a photo op. Now Beyonce had a shopping spree planned for the same time as the tour, so this was a scheduling conflict – what to do? The answer was obvious – she just had to find away to be in 2 places at once!
Beyonce loves it when a plan comes together
Obviously that violates the fundamental laws of physics. When has a celebrity ever let a law stop them? So Beyonce set her pretty head to thinking and voila, she came up with a plan just crazy enough to work. While Beyonce was out and about shopping, she could send a double to the museum!
A funny thing happened on the way to the escape tunnel
Though the plan was crazy enough to work, it didn’t. Some how the krauts caught on. I guess that they’re much cleverer in reality than they were on Hogan’s Heros. Not surprisingly the museum officials, who had taken the trouble to roll out the red carpet for the popular singer, were miffed to put it mildly. Museum spokes person Verena Dahlitz exclaimed to Austrian news agency APA  “What cheek!” I’m not surprised they’re upset either. It’s one thing to be tricked, but a cheap stunt like that is just insulting A scheme like that might’ve come out of the most hackneyed WW2 POW movie!
body doubles – don’t leave home without one!
To be fair to Beyonce she’s not the only one to employ a stunt double. Such luminaries as Michael Jackson, Katie Holiness, and Jamie Lynn Spears have recruited look alikes to give their schedule some much needed slack. In fact even Paris Hilton has a stand, but not for herself. Apparently the reality TV heiress has a number of stand ins for her beloved side kick Tinkerbelle. Since the original Lassie had about 9 doubles, why shouldn’t Tinks?
I was split in a transporter beam accident, I swear!
It’s really a reasonable idea when you stop to think about it. Celebrities make a living by pretending to be something they’re not. So what’s the harm in some one pretending to be them? Whether it’s the real phony Beyonce, or the phony real Beyonce; the fans will be just as excited, and the experience will be just as real. That is unless anyone finds out. Once the cover is blown then the whole zany plot comes off looking ridiculous. What’s more once you’re known to use phonies, then you can never use that stunt again. People will be expecting it. That means Beyonce has t come up with another zany scheme the next time she hopes to log in some shopping time. Now another scheme like that shouldn’t be too hard to come by. Why I’m sure that watching a marathon session of I Love Lucy should give Beyonce dozens of similar ideas! Meanwhile she’s got some ‘splaining to do where the krauts are concerned.
You punch the roses, I’ll pull the noses; it’s what I’m a joker for
I suppose that Beyonce thinks she’s pretty clever by pulling a stunt like that. Well here’s a sorry situation that not even her body double could get her out of!
Bogus Zen: In life the most truthful thing, and the most beautiful, is to escape.

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News of the World stands by Slumdog Story!

Available to a good home, 1 genuine slumdog! This one is special though, since it’s an Oscar Slumdog.