Melrose Place: Desperate, but not that desperate

Rinna & Locklear – recession victims?

If the recent ‘Honk for Lisa Rinna‘ photos are any indication, the former Melrose Place star will do anything to get herself on the new version. The same can’t be said about Heather Locklear. Producers of the show were eager to get Locklear to reprise her Amanda Woodward role as an angle to lure in viewers from the original FOX  – Aaron Spelling series. However things did not come off as planned.
’cause I’m worth it!
For one thing Heather wanted too much money. She figured she was worth $100 000 per episode. The producers thought maybe half that, given the recession. Heather also wanted top billing as a star performer. Producers were hoping to highlight younger characters, as portrayed by Ashley Simpson-Wentz (the Simpson sister with a career), Jessica Lucas, and others. They didn’t even plan on having Heather in every episode.
So is Laura Leighton still available?
So negotiations fell through. That left producers running down the pecking order of former MP actors. Next on the list was Jack Wagner. He’s seeing Locklear, so he won’t do it if she won’t. After that it was Marcia Cross, but she’s currently on Desperate Housewives so she doesn’t need this project. Besides when she’s not taping she’s caring for her husband Tom Mahoney, who’s suffering from cancer. Courtney Thorne Smith and Grant Show have been contacted, but they’re not interested either.
There are 2 alternatives: Plan A, and give Plan A another try
That leaves Melrose: The Next Generation ready to go to air without a former cast member to do the passing of the torch thing. The probably won’t need stunts for credibility if the scripts are trashy enough. Then again Melrose master mind Aaron Spelling is gone, and has taken his trashy touch with him. A credible connection with the original series might not hurt. So that leaves producers with 2 alternatives: suck it up and give Locklear what they want, or start honkin’! Her check is probably already in the mail!
Will act for food
So did Lisa Rinna lose her manager, or what??
She looks sadder than Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree! As for Lisa losing her manager, I hear that she stopped paying him and squandered his 20% on lip enhancement!
Bogus Zen: Wisdom comes from unlikely sources, and occasionally even from celebrities!

I don`t believe that I did anything important. I was just myself.
I didn`t know any other way to be, or any other way to live.
~ Bettie Page

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