Kelly Clarkson Downunder

Is anyone remotely interested in Kelly Clarkson? If so here’s an interview done for the folks down under. Now I don’t mean her evil masters, or whoever is responsible for her improbable career, but Australian TV.

Speaking of talent show celebrities, Susan Boyle’s home town reacts to her Britain’s Got Talent loss.

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Law & Order

Life in the fast lane ain’t all booze, sugar tits, and international Zionist conspiracies! However living it to the limit seems to be a big part of it. Sometimes the fast laners go over the line. Like the case of Billy Bob Thornton’s daughter, Amanda Brumfield.

Ms Brumfield got herself into some trouble while she was picking up some extra pocket money by baby sitting. It seems that the child died while under her care. Now Amanda swears she has now idea how this happened. One minute the youngster was toppling head first out of it’s play pen onto the floor, and the next was happily eating fruit snacks – that is after Amanda cleaned up the blood.

Everything seemed fine so Amanda let the youngster take a brief nap. When she tried to rouse the child, she found it was dead. That probably had something to do with fractured skull that the medical examiners found. Now the powers that be feel that the story doesn’t add up, especially since there was a 2 1/2 hour delay between the accident and Ms Brumfield’s 911 call, so that’s lead Amanda to the courthouse. The charge is negligence. Less tactful types are coming right out and saying “baby shaker”.

Point Break actress Lori Petty is also in trouble with the man. Now she hasn’t killed any kids, that we know of. What she has done, allegedly, is drove around under the influence. According to Sgt Richard Parks, Ms Petty was picked up for DUI in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles. Now he had no details as to the circumstances of her arrest, but it must of been a dilly, cause she was released on 100 000 bond. That’s more than Chris Brown had to pay after beating the crap out of Rihanna! In addition to Point Break, Petty has also appeared in A League of Their Own and Tank Girl.

Marvelous Megan Fox may not be a criminal, but she feels that her career is a kind of crime. Meggers was interviewed recently in the British version of GQ. In addition to helping hype Transformers, Ms Fox had a lot of things to say about the movie biz in general, like such as – “When you think about it, we actors are kind of prostitutes, we get paid to feign attraction and love. Other people are paying to watch us kissing someone, touching someone, doing things people in a normal monogamous relationship would never do with anyone who’s not their partner. It’s really kind of gross.” Now technically that’s not prostitution, it’s pornography. However nitpickery aside, I think you see her point.

Fox goes on to set the record straight about her sexed up image. Says the Foxy One: “I have this sort of promiscuous image. People assume I’m really overtly sexually aggressive and that I’m this wild child. And I’m not like that at all. I would rather have an image that is wild and promiscuous than to go out of my way to be proper all the time. There are some guys who think I’m going to be this little cupcake who’s going to bat my eyes and be like a receptacle for them. I shut them down immediately.” You can add these comments to the growing list of Meganisms which so far includes “I love cock”, “I’m a man”, and “I’m a tranny, I’m Alan Alda”.

Someone who isn’t a prostitute, but who is a convicted DIP is Mel Gibson. When he’s not thwarting Jewish conspiracies or boffing (or biffing, doffing, buffing or which ever euphemism you prefer) Russian pianists, he’s hanging around at the Spike Guys Choice Awards in LA. That’s where he recently bumped into Brad Pitt. Pitt, who’s had his own near misses with DUI, had some good natured ribbing for Mad Max. When Gibson introduced him at the awards, Brad responded with a “Thanks Sugar Tits.” That was a reference to Mel’s DIP incident, when he mouthed off to a female officer while getting booked. Apparently Gibson had no witty rejoinder. I guess thinking on his feet is a little tougher when sober. Mel should be glad that he got off so easy. There’s much room for mockery in Octomel’s life these days.

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Sharon Stone is a dumbass

Sharon stoned or just stunned?

Remember when Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone used to go around telling everyone that she was a member of Mensa with a 160+ IQ? Well Mensa disavowed any knowledge of her membership in the HiQ organization. In fact there was no record of Stone ever having taken an IQ test in her life, let alone scoring att he same level as Bill Gates and Albert Einstein.

wrath of Chaka Khan

Well it looks like those rumors about her alleged intelligence have finally been put to rest (like her career and her marriage). Ms. Stone was recently involved in some emceeing work for a new Turkish hotel. It’s called the Mardan Palace in Antalya, it’s the most expensive restort in Europe, and caters to a largely celebrity clientel. Maybe that’s why stone picked up 1.5 million for the gig. Anyway Stone was doing her speach when she got to the part that called for a reference to Turkey’s allies Azerbaijan. Stone stared at her teleprompter incredulously, and then announced “I can’t say that“. Instead of Azerbaijan, she substituted, and quite loudly, “Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan!” The audience was packed with celebrities, including Paris Hilton, but it was Sharon S who won the booby prize that day. Jessica Simpson, you may hold your head up in public once again.

Housewives get real

She said she was a dancer!

Looks like reality TV show Real Housewives of New Jersey is about to get even more real. Seems that Danielle Staub, one of the wives, was featured prominently in a now out of print book called Cop Without a Badge (no that’s not the one the guy on Barney Miller wrote!). By prominently I mean that she had a pretty peppery past. According to the book Staub was into everything and everyone. Quite a few were into her too. When she wasn’t supporting herself as a stripper under the nom de tramp Beverly Merrill(she worked at a club called Satin Dolls which was used as the Bada Bing club on The Sopranos), she was involved in crime (kidnapping among other things – her boyfriend needed to get a rich kid client to pay up on his dope bill. In that kind of situation you can’t really call a collection agency), and had a few near misses with prison. Here’s her mugshot, plus a few excerpts from the book!

The 140 character movie?

Hollywood was bound to get to this and sooner rather than later!

Julia Voth for Wonder Woman?

Boyle Loses to Diversity