Perez Hilton – Don’t Get Physical

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Madoff Sentenced – Overkill?

It was hard to find anything that wasn’t about Michael Jackson or Transformers 2, but here it is.

At 150 years, he’ll have to be reincarnated several times to complete his sentence (unless a couple of life sentences get knocked off for good behavior)! He’d be easier to sympathize with if he’d just cheated on his taxes.

Happy Summer Everyone

Johnny Depp as John Dillinger

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Some one still finds Cameron Diaz attractive so that’s news.

Bernie Madoff – Time For Money?

In the business world time is money. So what do you give the guy who had everything? 150 years federal time. It could be worse. A careless typo and he might have had 150 years feral time! Phil Spector didn’t get that much for killing some one. So let it be a lesson to you, don’t mess with the money!