Bruno a bust?

If you’re expecting Bruno to be another Borat then you might be disappointed.

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Lady Gaga Gagged

Lady Gaga manages to speak during a press conference despite her facial fetish wear.

You were probably expecting that to be a series of “mmmph”‘s.


Steve McNair’s Mistress DUI Video


Katie Jordan Price – still orange

Do not adjust your set

As you can see from the above pix, the ‘glamorous’ – & I use that term loosely (then again she’s a loose woman!) – Katie Jordan Price is still glowing bright orange. No word on whether her unearthly aura is the result of rub on tan abuse, or perhaps skin discoloration from alcohol related liver failure. She is known to like a good time, and can often be seen pictured in the pages of Brit tabloids sitting drunk in some pub with her eyes glazed over and her mouth hanging open. It’s usually in the company of an unnamed male friend. Naturally her husband Peter Andre left her. He gained much sympathy and even a little respect by that move. Then again no one really cares much for Jordan. Maybe she’s due for the benefit of the doubt, and that orange tint can be ascribed to radiation exposure!

Her orange skin tone isn’t the only thing still intact; her delusions of grandeur have also survived the collapse of her reality TV marriage. Apparently – don’t laugh – Jordan is in serious negotiations with Hollywood big wigs to launch her film career. Now I don’t know just how big these wigs are, but they’d have to be fairly huge to compare to her out sized hair. Her fake tits are hard to miss too! Believe it or not Price claims to be talking to reps from Creative Artists and William Morris. They manage Tom Hanks, Nic Kidman, & Russ Crowe respectively. I don’t know what film role she could possibly get, besides playing a drag queen or a mutant stripper.


Black Eyed Peas face 2nd law suit

The Black Eyed Peas are facing another law suit and this time it’s not for having nay one beaten up. Seems that their ‘the E.N.D.” song off of their new album bears an uncanny similarity to Mancry by Adam Freeland. At least that’s what Freeland and his legal representation think. So their taking the Peas to court on charges of plagiarism, much to the delight of Perezhilton!


Michael Jackson: 10 000 pills in 6 months!

That’s about 50 pills a day if you’re keeping track. One of the major ones was Diprivan, also called Propofol.


Kazemi’s Sister Speaks

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