Justin & Jessica – off again on again

Tabloids realize that there are more troubled couples than Brangelina

OK Magazine must’ve got tired of predicting the bust up of Brangelina because they recently targeted another high profile celeb couple for splitsville. They recently feature Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel on their cover along with the heading “It’s Over”. Apparently Justin had enough of Jessica’s clingy ways and so cut her loose. According to the article this left Jessica in a deep state of denial.

It seemed a safe enough assumption. Justin’s mom’s telephone psychic assured Mrs. Timberlake that it wouldn’t last. In tabloid-land that’s what’s known as “a source close to the couple”. So naturally OK went with the story. So did US.

Love is like being in denial, together!

Maybe they’re both in denial – or they don’t read the tabloids

Well with the ink not even dry on their “Timbielake” story the toothsome two some were spotted out and about together again. In fact they were even photoed together – featured in upper left, and just above this paragraph. Jessica seems firmly in charge too, walking in front of Timber and leading him by the hand. So it seems that their reportage of Timbielake is no better than of Brangelina. That is unless this week’s Star Mag is right and Timbers is hooking uo with Rihanna!

Star seems like it’s gonna be a hoot this week, if the “Tori ruined my life” quite from Dean McDermott is to be believed. Well Dean you didn’t do much for her’s either, so lets call this one a draw. It seems that tabloids have an insatiable appetitte for romance. Once ‘style icon’ Suri Cruise is old enough to date – watch out!

Speaking of insatiable romantics, here’s a look back at a vintage interview with Hollywood legend Errol Flynn! He loved ’em and left ’em, but he always left ’em wanting more!


Kate + 8 – Jon

Looks like the Learning Channel is planning some radical cut backs. The belt tightening involves their star attraction – the Goseelins. Well there are no more ‘the Gosselins’ now. Not since jon made his bid for freedom and bolted out from under Kate’s thumb. Since then he’s been drawing attention to himself in a number of ways, like hosting Vegas wing dings, traveling the world, negotiating deals for himself, and dating anyone under the age of 25 with a pulse and flexible standards.

Naturally the James Bond Jr routine doesn’t go well with the show’s family image. It’s also turning off the public like no body’s business. So TLC had to sit down and make some tough decisions. In the end Jon was told to take a walk. Kate would be staying. The show will be renamed “Kate Plus 8” and will focus on Kate’s new life as a single woman raising her brood. Jon will still be seen, but will play a drastically reduced role in the show.


Playing For Change

If you’re out and about in the Toronto area tomorrow then keep your eyes peeled for the lovely and talented Chantal Kreviazuk. She’ll be busking to raise money for a worthwhile cause! She won’t be alone either. About 30 of her fellow musicians will be hitting the streets and busking for change – both literally and figuratively.


Bill Clinton talks conspiracy

Crack pot theories are credible again!

Remember when now Sec of State Hillary Clinton spoke of a “vast right wing conspiracy”? She oughta know about such things since she started her political life as a Goldwater Girl. Well her husband former Pres Bill Clinton is trying to bring conspiracy theories back into vogue, by appearing on the news and making his defense of the Obama administration. Watch as Bill states his case in the following video:

I hope that Bill isn’t confusing “politically organized with an agenda” with “conspiracy”. There’s no law against a group becoming organized to push a shared political agenda. In fact that helps democracy work. Besides ‘conspiracy’ implies secret and it’s no secret that the right is organized, and that they have an agenda. Watching FOX News’ No Spin Zone should be enough to tip anyone off about that! As an Oxford man, and a former law prof, Clinton should be a little more aware of language.

PS. If there is a conspiracy out there it’s on the part of Big Health Inc. to sand bag Pres Obama’s reforms. Hilary Clinton tried to reform health care about 20 years back. She lasted about a year or so before the big boys stomped the wheels off her little red wagon. Now Obama is attempting to pull off health care reform, and coincidentally that’s about the time the media love fest came to an abrupt end.

Michael Moore’s Sicko


As to the vast right wing conspiracy, the republican Party does have it’s lunatic fringe.


Madonna Never Learns

Madonna has had a colourful personal life. Her marriage to Sean Penn gave the tabloids a field day. Whenever they were out together and a paparazzo looked at them the wrong way Sean went off. The whole thing ended when Sean supposedly ‘took her hostage’: that is he tied her up nude and left her on the bed. Though gagged, Madonna some how managed to speak. She convinced Sean to let her go with the promise of a sexy massage. Once free she lit out to the neighbors to call the cops.

After that fiasco of a relationship it took Madge a while to work up her courage enough to take the plunge again. When she did it was with director Guy Richie. Madonna made an effort from the beginning by moving to Britain, insisting that she be called Mrs. Richie, and getting preggo. However her forceful personality soon began to grate on her new husband as she tried to program every aspect of their lives, including what he ate, and probably when and for how long he went to the washroom. Their joint involvement in Kaballah made the relationship look ridiculous, as Madonna even briefly insisted that she be called “Ester” – her kaballah name. Not surprisingly the marriage ended with a bang instread of a whimper. Richie looked relieved when it was over, though.

So you’d think that the Material Girl would be reluctant to get back into the marriage game again. She did go out and get her self a Brazilian toy boy by the name of Jesus Luz. By all accounts she treated him like staff. He had to service her sexually, and make himself available – as if on call. Sources close to Madge claim that she even told Luz whom he could and couldn’t talk to on the cell phone she provided him with, and when he could talk to them.

It’s not news that Madonna is bossy. So she doesn’t do relationships well. She needs clearly defined roles of dominance and subservience. That way she knows where she stands. The Jesus thing seemed like it might work out since Madonna was clearly in charge, and Luz was basically a hired gun. There were no illusions of love and romance to fuzz up the good ole dirty sex. So that’s what makes the latest announce from Madonna World so astonishing. Madge says that she’s planning to marry Jesus! At the MTV Video Music Awards rehearsals she revealed, ‘It can go either way,’ she said. ‘But why not? I could definitely see myself marrying him. Yes, it’s definitely on the table.’ So now the $64 000 question is “what’s gotten into her?”

‘She knows that’s what Jesus wants,’ said one of her relatives. ‘And so that makes her want it too. She has a lot of wonderful memories of both of her weddings. She doesn’t want to slip off and do it quietly. She definitely wants a big and rather fantastic affair.’ Since we all know how much Madonna cares about the feelings of others it leaves us asking “what’s the real reason?” Another source close to Madge has a theory that they shared with Hello Magazine. According to the unnamed source Madonna was pretty shook up by the death of Michael Jackson. She figures that if he could die, then it might happen to her too! ‘To be candid, it’s what’s driving things,’ the insider told Hello! magazine. ‘And after what she saw happen to Michael Jackson she doesn’t want to waste any time. She wants to live life to the full.’ Now that only leaves us asking “How long until history repeats it’s self?”


Look out Miley Cyrus, ’cause Polanski’s coming to America!

Look out Polanski for that matter. So much has changed since Roman Polanski was last in the land of the free. For one thing rapists use Rohypnol now. Quaaludes are scarcer than hen’s teeth. For another most of the fast chicks have built up a mighty tolerance to drugs and alcohol. For instance they say that Kate Moss swallows Rohypnols like M&M’s, to beat her insomnia. Then again at 36 Moss is about 25 years too old for Polanski.

For another thing modern young women don’t go in for old fashioned come ons like the photography routine, or even a dip in the whirlpool. Should Roman pull such quaint moves on Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus they’d probably laugh in his face. Those girls prefer high velocity stripper pole twirling, or flashing their vag’s out the window of speeding cars. They’ve probably forgotten more than a dockside hooker will ever know. So champagne, a camera, and a fist full of quaaludes is about the equivalent of showing up at the front door with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of daisy’s. How could a Britney Spears respond except perhaps with “You poor sweet silly old man – are you trying to slip me a mickey?”

While Polanski’s old fashioned creepiness might come off like Bela Lugosi’s Dracula in the modern Follywood jungle, the jungle might come off as disillusioning to the elderly predator. If Polanski’s searching for innocence he gonna be hard pressed to find it. Today’s modern starlet, like Mischa Barton, hasn’t been innocent since – well ever. Current rumours about Barton is that she started going off the rails with booze and pills at 14 (That makes her a late bloomer. Drew Barrymore had completed rehab by that age. Then again these modern girls don’t like to go to rehab. It interferes with their partying. Their parents are much less likely to urge them to seek help either – it would interfere with the work schedule!). Trying to seduce an adolescent actress who’s got meth face and crazy eyes, while she’s babbling about cutting herself might leave ole RP wondering which one of them is the innocent. That’s the downside of living a life on the lam – life goes on without you. In today’s Hollywood he might be as out of place as Bela Lugosi in a Quentin Tarantino flick.


Polanski – what now?

Embedded video from CNN Video


Roman Polanski Arrested

I can’t believe he fell for that old trick

After years on the run director Roman Polanski has been arrested in Switzerland. The director and fugitive was lured away from his safe haven in France, and into extradition territory, with the offer of a lifetime achievement award. Polanski originally fled the USA after he was accused of statutory rape. He allegedly plied a 13 year old girl with champagne and quaaludes, and then had sex with her (at Jack Nicholson’s pad).

Pride before fall?

It just goes to show that ego is a celeb’s fatal flaw. In a way, he is getting lifetime achievement recognition.

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Megan Fox Does Saturday Night Live

It’s a naughty drivel



Megan Fox kicked off the season premier of Saturday Night Live. What’s more some sneaky person uploaded the whole thing on youbue. You can watch it by linking to SNLYT. Also remember to check out the show’s official web presence where you can find groovy pix of Ms. Fox, like the one below!

Megan might have had a disappointing week at the box office with the disappointing Jennifer’s Body, but at least she’s having a better time than poor old Mischa Barton.


Mackenzie Phillips’ half brother speaks out on controversy

I’m glad he’s not trying to sound like a fanatic. Man, that family is as nutty as a fruitcake, and they’ve got enough loose screws to open a hardware store!