Melrose Place: Drama begining before the show starts

heather locklear gets ashlee simspon booted off of melrose placeColin Egglesfield & Ashlee Simpson have already gotten the boot from WB’s Melrose Place revival. Since Ashlee was one of the biggest names amongst the cast that had some observers asking themselves – and each other – “WTF?”

Now the producers are saying that this is the result of a plot development. However sources on the set have over heard Ashlee having it out with MP alum and current castmember Heather Locklear. Ashlee was their big name, but they wanted Heather from the original because she was a big draw and breing in former fans during those first and most important weeks after a TV show airs. That’s when the rating decide whether you live or die. Since the producers are betting the farm on Locklear, Ashlee was the one who had to go. So don’t bother looking for the younger Simpson sister when you tune into the new and improved Melrose Place! Amanda has claimed her first victim!


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Angelina Jolie Slept With Mother’s Boyfriend When She Was 16

Angelina Jolie loved her mother. She must have said that publicly 100’s of times. She also loved her mother’s boyfriend!

I seem to remember her saying that she would never take another woman’s man because she knew what it was like when her father left her mother. Of course that was back when she wasn’t stealing Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston.

Angelina Jolie modeling photo age 16


Taylor Swift is in shit!

Taylor Swift became a media darling after jackass Kanye West interrupted her acceptance speech at the VMA’s. That left Kanye making apology after apology and contemplating a retreat in India. Meanwhile Taylor was the toast of the town and appearing on every day time talk show going. Well Taylor may be about to learn that the winds of publicity can blow hot and cold fast.

17 year old Taylor was at a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed party at Katy Perry’s when a young fan hopped up to get a picture with her. Taylor was happy to oblige though it might have been better for her if she hadn’t. That’s cause the young fan, AJ English, was wearing a shirt with a swastika scrawled on it. The situation was made even worse when Taylor was pictured with JH written on the front of her pretty dress. Given the context that had some people wondering whether JH stood for Jew Hater.

Epic Fail

Taylor swift swastika
Taylor Swift Jew HAter

So is sweet innocent Taylor some kind of a closet Michael Richards? The jury is still out on that but at least Taylor has an explanation. For on the thing she insists that the JH on her dress stood for Julianne Hough, a friend of Swift’s (I wonder how that last name is pronounced?). The swastika is more difficult to explain, but apparently there’s an answer for that too. AJ English – the young man wearing the offensive T Shirt has tweeted that it wasn’t a Nazi symbol, but an X that got corrupted over the course of a drunken evening. He goes on to say that he is not a racist and that he does not support the white supremacist agenda. He then went on to tweet ‘Front page of TMZ…. sorry Taylor…

Taylor Swift is a jackass

Taylor’s publicist has stated that this is getting blown way out of proportion. He points out that Swift had her picture taken with 100’s of people that night. She can’t be expected to keep track of everyone who had a large bright red swastika on the front of their shirt. After all Swift is only human. Though it should be said that most humans would know a swastika if they saw one, and might even comment that it was ‘not cool’ before refusing to be photographed next to a guy wearing one. However Barack Obama is on record as saying that she seems like a perfectly nice person and that’s good enough for me!

PS. the crack investigative team over at the gossiprocks forum have located AJ English’s Myspace page – lo & behold there’s a swastika – or an X that got perverted – on it too!

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