Kate Beckinsale Dog Abuser

Underworld actress reptilian nature exposed!

Celebrities are usually pretty good at faking personality but every once in awhile their lack of normal human emotion shows through. Sometimes it’s even caught on camera!

Kate gets the hang of walking the dog

That’s a dog, not a yoyo (In fact I believe it’s a shih tzu!). This woman is clearly as evil as Michael Vick! What’s not shown in the picture is that a few moments after hoisting the dog up by the leash she uses it to beat a baby seal!

Walk the Dog Yo-Yo Trick

This dog won’t hunt or need a license, but it will perform plenty of yo-yo tricks. At the end of the Walk the Dog trick, give a whistle and “call” your doggie home.

Step 1: To take your “doggie” for a walk, start by throwing a fast Sleeper.

Walk the Dog yo-yo trick steps 1 and 2.
Throw a fast Sleeper and let the spinning
motion pull the yo-yo along the ground.

Step 2:
Swing the yo-yo slightly forward and set it lightly on the ground. Let its spinning motion gently pull it along the ground. The yo-yo may snap back to your hand, but keep trying.

Walk the Dog yo-yo trick step 3.
While the yo-yo is still spinning, give it
a slight tug to bring “doggie” home.

Step 3: Before the yo-yo stops spinning, give a slight tug, and the “doggie” will return to your hand.

Be careful not to perform this trick on concrete surfaces, such as a sidewalk or a driveway. The rough surface can seriously damage the edge of your yo-yo. The best surface for this trick is a firm rug or carpet.

In the next section, you’ll build on the tricks you’ve learned so far. Ready to take a trip Around the World?


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