Dannii Minogue is vile, unnecessary, and out of place

the Coriolis Effect continues to make havoc

… oh yeah and she’s sorry too. She’s very very sorry. She insists that she’s done nothing wrong. So if she’s done nothing wrong then what’s she sorry about? Perhaps she’s sorry about the trouble she seems to be in. Strike 2 for Team Australia.

Dannii Minogue has given us another Aussie related outrage. With Mel Gibson representing them internationally (although he’s actually American) it’s not like they can afford it. Could it be time to trot Hugh Jackman out again? He always makes a great impression. Don’t worry Australia, cause you’ve always got Dame Edna to fall back on! Natalie Imbruglia seems to know how to conduct herself!

Megan Gale seems pretty cool, too!

If Australia really wants to apologize for something then it should be the frightful state of Nicole Kidman’s face! She looks like she’s had her plastic surgery done by Dr Frankenstein!


Jon Gosselin – more mischief

We all know about Kate Gosselin’s financial troubles. The latest problem was when her credit card got rejected at the gas station. That came as a result of Jonny Boy playing rough and draining the couple’s joint bank accounts. Now while we have found out that Jon can play a mean game of dirty pool what you may not be aware of is just how many sneaky little tricks the reality TV dad has up his sleeve. Fortunately for gossip follwers one of Jon’s many and recently spurned ex girlfriends does know, and she’s spilling the beans.

Former Jon Gosselin lover and nanny Stephanie Santoro – I think that she was the Hooter’s girl but it’s hard to keep track – has revealed that Jon used special computer hacking techniques to break into Kate’s account, and to monitor her e mails. In a previous life Jon worked in IT security for the State of Pennsylvania. So he knows his way around a computer. According to Steph, Jon “had access to Kate’s online banking and a trace on every single one of her e-mails. Anytime she’d get one, he’d get a copy.” The plot sickens, “Jon is money hungry and will do anything for cash,” Stephanie, 24, tells Star. “He doesn’t care where his money comes from or who he has to hurt to get it.”

Her story adds up, since Jon only got really aggressive when he found out that he was cut from the show, and so had lost his seat on the gravy train. As for the missing money, you’ll be relieved to know that’s gone in a good cause – to finance Jon’s new playboy James Bond lifestyle! It’s good to know he’s on the level when he says that the main thing in his life now is his kids! It seems that everyone has drastically underestimated that fellow!