Is she ready for her close up yet?

Casey Anthony has got nerve. If what’s believed about her is true then she murdered her daughter and tried to blame a baby sitter. That’s why she currently under lock and key. Naturally Casey wants to get on the loose in the worst way. To that end her lawyers have petitioned the judge in the case to throw out the charges. The prosecutors have moved to have Anthony’s motion thrown out. It’s all very legal and technically; and highly combative. Here’s the low down on the show down.

Before we rush to judgment against his woman let’s consider that it’s not like she set her kid adrift in a balloon, or pimped them out for a reality TV show, or got artificially inseminated with 8 embryos so she could cut a reality TV deal or anything (let’s say that Octomom was ‘superficially inseminated’). OK maybe she is the worst mom in America – but the competition is catching up fast!


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