Lindsay Lohan’s Probabtion Extended

When Lindsay Lohan had to show up recently in court for a 2007 booze related charge she got some bad news. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel ordered that Lindz probation be extended for one year. Seems that the court mandated alcohol education classes were a bone of contention. Lohan wasn’t attending them. I can’t blame her there: who wants to be sitting around with a bunch of drunks when you could be out drinking? No one in the room!

Lindsay’s reps explained that this wasn’t really their clinets fault. It was the program administrators failure ot communicate to their client that resulted in her absences. Well it’s hard to communicate with some one when the who knows were (chasing Samantha Ronson) and usually drunk in front of a pack of paparazzi. They might have reached her through her Sevinnyne twitter account. Perhaps they weren’t well enough informed about celebrity gossip. They should’ve been reading Wondertrash!

The judge didn’t see they’re point and so laid down the law: ‘you’ve got one year to smarten up’. In fact the judge put the matter in no uncertain terms, telling Lohan “This has got to be a top priority!” The, so there would be no confusion, she added, “I would love to congratulate you rather than admonish you.” For her part Lindsay replied that smarting up would be really inconvenient right now. For one thing she’s down in Texas to shoot a film. Of course the court believed that one like they believed Richard Heene wasn’t behind the Balloon Boy scam. Maybe it is time for Lohan to clean up her act. It’s usually a sign when your excuses start to slip.


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