FOX News makes a powerful frienemy

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FOX NEWS: They’re WKRP with an attitude and a market share

Fox news is pretty well known for their on air assortment of cranks and crack pots. Before anchor FOX News flagship show, Bill O Reilly was best known for a long career in tabloid TV – A Current Affair. That’s the kind that covered such gripping stories as deer sightings in the suburbs and people who accidentally cured their own migraine headaches through misuse of a nail gun. They’d have given balloon boy wall to wall coverage – but then again what legitimate media source isn’t making a meal out of that! It’s not all apoplectic Bill screaming and borderline stroking out on the air. They’ve also got Glenn Beck. He began his career in media as a crack caller to some local radio shows, but broke through into the big leagues fast. His major contributions to American journalism have been the ‘chalkboard conspiracy” which features some tenuous connections, and a lot of specious reasoning, and occasional misspellings; and of course the ability to cry on cue with the help of Vick’s Vapor Rub. Let’s face it, the only media heavy weight missing from this line up is Les Nessman!

lunatic fringe or journalism on the edge?

Well sophisticated viewers may consider watching FOX a guilty pleasure on par with pro wrestling and the National Enquirer but some one is taking them seriously. Looks like the White House is taking some flack for stating the obvious: that FOX News has a political agenda. Fox news is getting fighting mad about it too. Now FOX has been harping away at Obama’s ‘agenda’ for ages. Along with wing nut and prescription pill abuser Rush Limbaugh they’ve accused the president of being a socialist, and Marxist, even worse a ‘liberal’, and just about everything short of an animal abuser. They’ve got some pretty shaky journalism. Let’s face it, they’re not National Review. They can’t take what they dish out either.

FOX News is where the turkeys fly like eagles – So what’s Obama’s angle?

They also have a pretty big audience share. Too bad for them that they have about zero creditability. Well at least the White House is taking them seriously. With the Obama seal of disapproval more people are bound to want to know what the fuss is about. That means even more attention for the good people at FOX News. Now that can be a win win situation. Having the White House spot light thrown on FOX is bound to draw more of a crowd in their direction. As for the White House – when your most vocal critics are a bunch of guys who sound like they left their tin foil hats in the microwave too long then it distracts attention away from any authentic criticism. It also creates the preception that the type of people who seriously questions the administration are the ones who been off their meds for too long. It sets up a “So are with the program or are you one of the fruitcakes?” dichotomy. Now hows that for a media agenda. Don’t worry Mr President, you can count on FOX to make sure genuine conservative viewpoints are never ever taken seriously.