Newsflash: TV Preachers Are Crooks!

I love the way he says “If I were a fake I would totally send the money back”. Actually a fake would be even more likely to keep it. That’s the point of being a fake!


Julia Roberts Freaks Out on Movie Set

Julia Roberts had a freak out on the set of her new movie Eat, Pray, Love recently. Roberts is filming an adaption of the memoir in New Delhi when she learned that her mother Betty, 75, had suffered a heart attack. Betty was rushed to a local Atlanta hospital for emergency angioplasty. Within a couple of days Betty was out of the woods, and recovering nicely.

Now you can understand how this news could leave the Pretty Woman rattled. However what really got to hear was the fact that it took the news about 36 hours to reach her. As mentioned Roberts is filming in New Delhi. It seems that the film company, and their security crews, over loaded the local phone system. The result being that cell service was intermittent. So Robert’s family couldn’t reach her. Had things taken a bad turn she might’ve been the last to know.

So given the circumstances Roberts knew what she must do. She channeled her powerful emotions from fear into blame. She immediately lashed out at the films producers, telling them in no uncertain terms that she held them responsible for the communications breakdown. An enraged Roberts told her movies bosses that ‘When your own family can’t get through to you, that’s too much security! My mom could have been dead, and I might have been the last one in the world to know about it. That’s beyond outrageous!’ However the situation soon blew over when Julia managed to get in touch with her mother, who personally reassured her that she was A-OK! Of course this whole unpleasant incident, including the ugly rage, might have been avoided had Roberts been on Twitter, like every other celebrity in Hollywood.


Ex-Colleague blows whistle on Balloon Dad

Richard Heene, the huckster dad, is now more famous than Jon Gosselin, who in turn is way more famous than Brad Pitt. Jon & Kate routinely push Brangelina off of the front pages of the tabloids!

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The age of celebrity blurs the line between fame and infamy. There’s a 15 minutes for everyone. The only problems is can we find enough people to fill the slots? Maybe Brangelina could reboot the brand with a new reality TV show? You could tune in while Maddox stabs the mailman, or Zahara sets the house on fire; it’s bound to be a real ratings magnet. Keep your eyes peeled for reoccurring appearances be Jennifer Aniston!