Sweetin low

Full House star Jodin Sweetin has penned her memoirs. I’m surprised that she can remember much, but the book has some dynamite stories; like giving an anti drug lecture to a bunch of high school students while she herself was stoned! As you may know Jodi was very fond of a drug called crystal meth, which has also plagued the life of Michael Douglas’ oldest son (currently standing trial for possession with intent to traffic some $18 000 worth of the drug). In fact Jodi has dropped a ton on staying happy; some $250 000 according to her douchey ex, with whom she is locked in an ongoing custody battle with!

She’s had thrills, chills, spills, & pills! She’s lived a rough life but at least she turned out less creepy than her co stars Scary Kate & Trashley Olsen! So was that Full House home in Amityville or something?

Hollywood is no place for kids because one way or another people there never grow up. Getting old there is practically forbidden by law!



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