Platinum Pamela

Pamela Anderson’s money pit

Pamela Anderson has been hustling hard recently. She unveiled her fashion line in Australia with Richie Rich. She flashed the crowd during that one (in times of trouble you stick with what you know). She was also recently in Toronto trying to raise her profile by raising awareness to the plight of baby seals (to do some awareness raising of our own, baby seals basically eat, shit, and look cute – like many celebrities). Now while Pamela denies that she’s broke she does admit to some financial troubles. It seems that her new renovations have run seriously over budget. Over budget means by 1 million dollars!

So what exactly has Pamela blown her money on while she’s been living in a trailer and waiting for her house to be completed? Well for one thing she’s had her pool lined with platinum. Now FYI costs way more per ounce than gold. Pammy is having the whole bottom of her pool set with platinum tiles. So the cost is bound to mount up. Still Pamela feels that the whole procedure is totally worth it. As she told the BBC: “This is where the magic happens. I’m tiling the floor with platinum – that’s expensive.” As for what sort of magic happens in the platinum tiled pool, I’ll leave that to your imaginations, and your dirty minds! I wonder if she’ll invite the baby seals over for a swim? Now that would be a photo op!


Megan Fox Eats Her Words

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