Pamela Anderson takes mini dress snow boarding

Still working hard to pay off those platinum pool tiles

What does Pamela Anderson wear snow boarding? Pamela has shown up in public wearing everything but a diaper. Her ensembles have two constants: they’re trashy and their revealing. So using some basic extrapolation that it Pammy goes snow boarding she will strike a balance between shock value and skin exposure. That usually adds up to a consistent “m’eh”. In this case is some high end snow boarding boots and what could be a thrift shop mini dress (but without undies). Now how did this girl ever find herself in a trailer park? Incidentally Pamela was participating in an event to promote the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and as usual promote herself.

Now a startling look at celebrity addiction and recovery with Dr Drew and Gary Busey!

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After viewing that Richard Heene doesn’t seem any so bad. In fact it seems that a major difference between Heene and Dr Drew is that Heene didn’t put his kid into the balloon.


Shauna Sand is vivid and livid

Playmate Shauna Sand got hot and bothered recently. The problem was with a film company called Vivid Entertainment. Vivid specializes in adult entertainment videos, beter known as porno. They released a sex tape of Shauna whihc she wasn’t too pleased baout. Shauna claims that the sex tape was home made and for personal use. Further more she claims that Vivid illegally aquired the video, and so has no right to distributed it, or profit from her embarrassment. So naturally she sued.

Vivid chairman Steven Hirsh insists that he got hat tape fair and square. He not only swore to that, but trotted out a handwriting analyst to confirm that the signature on the paperwork was in fact Shauna’s. The analysis must’ve been conclusive because when faced with the evidence Shauna withdrew her suit. That’s basically an admission that the signature on the release forms is hers. Oh well, this stuff happens, especially to professional entertainers. Keep you chin up Shauna, unless there are cameras around and you’re in a situation where you don’t want anyone to see your face.


Balloon Boy now officially a hoax

Now how could the week start with anyone other than Richard Heene Science Defective?

So Richard Heene’s former “researcher” has taken the liberty of diagnosising his former friend and boss on national TV. He describes the Science Defective as having some ‘bipolarism’. At least he didn’t describe him as ‘a bit ADDish’. Then again maybe he did. This is why off the cuff diagnosis should never be done by amateurs but left to the unlicensed TV quacks like sex fiend Dr Phil! In Heene’s defense, he is only mildly eccentric compared to foam at the mouth & Vick’s in the eye crazy Glenn Beck. Don’t take my word for it. Jane Hall quit FOX because Beck was to crazy to work with, and also because they’re way too right wing.

Hoax is such a harsh term. Let’s just say that Richard Heene’s initial account of events was ‘exaggerated and inaccurate’. If exaggerated and inaccurate is against the law, then Glenn Beck and some of his FOX News cronies should have been cracking rocks a while ago!