CHIPS got questions; Tiger has no answers

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Rule #1 in dealing with a media shit storm is don’t say anything! He who says nothing, says nothing wrong.

Rule#2 is keep a low profile. If you’re constantly showing your face on Oprah or in magazines in some cockeyed attempt to spin manage a situation, then you’re just reinforcing the scandal in everyone’s minds. Remember Tom Cruise? Just go away for a while. Take a 6 to 9 month hiatus (like Russell Crowe after his phone throwing incident). Then come back low key with some new project to talk about, instead of what ever scandal landed you in the soup in the first place.

If Tiger can keep his cool while everyone is gearing up for a media feeding frenzy, then by this time next week we’ll be talking about the Jon Gosselin sex tape, Obama’s latest gaff, nude photos of Miley Cyrus hitting the Internet, or whatever the scandal de jour happens to be. By following these simple PR rules even Chris Brown is redeemable. Micheal Richards – not so much. As for Tila Tequila – she’s on the bubble.

Tila Tequila


Miley Cyrus’ 17th Birthday Celebration Recap

I’m glad she abounded her original idea to pop out of a cake and twirl around a stripper pole!


Steven Tyler Relapse

As you can see from the following picture ex Aeromith singer Steven Tyler has relapsed, and gone back on the bottle with a vengeance!


Actually that’s not Steve Tyler, but a Wondertrash ‘leg pull’. It’s actually Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Raquel Curtain, daughter of Lynne. They do sort of look alike.

BTW – Steven Tyler and Amy Winehouse have been mistaken for each other on numerous occasions. However Amy is rapidly moving into Keith Richards territory at a fantastic rate! If she goes down hill any faster she’ll become the missing link!


Tiger Woods’ Wife Investigated For Domestic Assault

The scandalous photos of the other woman!

Rachel Uchitel Tiger Woods other woman


Nirvana Seasons in the Sun


After 30 Years…Tom Petty Still Rocks