More Jagged Little Pills

ambienRachel Uchitel hasn’t officially had sex with golf champion Tiger Woods. Even though Tiger has admitted to ‘indiscretions’. I guess he’s leaving those indiscretions to the public imagination. Ms Uchitel is far more explicit. Ms Uchitel has been blabbing to friends, family, and even casual acquaintances that she and Tiger have in fact done the deed. She’s even let slip one of Tiger’s little preferences. Tiger likes to have sex after popping Ambien.

Ambien is a sedative with an odd side effect – it arouses sexual excitement. When the pill was first marketed men reported getting jumped by their sleeping wives in the middle of the the night, after the ladies and taken the pills. These became humorously known as ‘Ambien dates’. Swingers take it ’cause it radically increases sexual enjoyment immediately after ingestion. Now Ms Uchitel says that she and Tiger popped Ambiens and then tore up the sheets in a hazy horny frenzy on numerous occasions.

There is a twist. Uchitel isn’t officially saying this. She’s just gossiping it around town. Meanwhile her crazed lawyer Gloria Allred is haggling for $1 million confidentiality agreement. That’s half of what David Letterman’s blackmailer wanted – for shit’s sake! For more on this fast developing story link to:

Rachel Uchitel Payday Likely as Tiger Woods Opens Checkbook
Jaimee Grubbs: I Was Tiger Woods’ 19th Hole (Photos)

Tiger Woods Accident Story Doesn’t Add Up

BTW – it must be torturing Dave to have all this A material just out of reach!

Look on the bright side – it’s reassuring to know that there are people worse off then yourself; and highly ironic that many of them are multi millionaires! What fresh scandals will the new week bring? I shudder to think, but you can read all about them here @ Wondertrash!


Jagged Little Pills

You who are on the road Must have a code that you can live by, and so become yourself

alexa joelPills are in the news. Billy Joel’s 23 year old daughter (approx the same age as his estranged wife) got herself admitted to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. Alexa Joel’s room mates noticed that she seemed unusually unresponsive. So they caller 911. When the EMT showed up it was determined that Alexa had ingested an unhealthy number of sleeping pills! So it was off for a date with the stomach pump at St. Vincent’s. Alexa is expected to make a full and complete recovery. Alexa is the daughter of philandering Billy Joel and shallow, self absorbed model Christie Brinkley.


"Rihanna has herpes" Tila Tequila says

a shot at love, or a shot between the eyes

tila tequilaThe following little video has set of a shit storm between professional victim Rihanna and professional whatever Tila Tequila. During the interview Rihanna was asked to name some of the lowest forms of life she could think of and guess whose name came up! Well you don’t have to guess cause here’s the video!

Big Boy and the Morning Show

the shit hits the fan

Tila got wind of this. She found out when going through her Google alerts (she spends a lot of time on the computer & youtube these days). Needless to say that TT wasn’t thrilled. She was hoping for words of commiseration and support – not to be called out as a skank! In fact Tila has blogged that Rihanna is now officially on her “shitlist” (that thing must be longer than Richard Nixon’s!).

Rihanna’s “forget me not”

Since the gloves are off and no holds are barred, Tila has come out swinging with the dirtiest handful of toxic waste she could grab – that Rihanna has some ‘hot spots’ of her own. TT is claiming that Rihanna has herpes and that she knowingly infected some one else with it. In Tila’s words the reason that Rihanna wasn’t speaking out about Chris Brown was because there was a ‘catch 22’ in it. I guess that the inference is that’s why he went nuts and beat the crap out of her.

Tila Tequila – the next big name in the game?

As for Tila’s blog, it is really very good: dishy & dirty with no punches pulled. She doesn’t care who’s toes she steps on either. As entertainment blogs go she could put the rest of us out of business! Tila, baby – I think that you’ve found your calling!

Tila Tequila on the war path