Santa’s Naughty DWI

Looks like Santa better stick to the sleigh and reindeer!


Tiger – the benefit of the doubt

A lot of fun has been had at the expense of Tiger Woods recently. It seemed that more women were coming out of the woodwork by the hour (so far the skank count is 10 & rising). The angle is that Tiger is a tragic hero brought down by a fatal flaw; or a man we never knew as well as we thought we did. There is another possibility that hasn’t been mentioned yet.

In one of his now infamous texts to one of his many mistresses Tiger refers to his insomnia. In fact he says he’s never been able to sleep. He takes Ambien (Zolpidem) for the condition. Now Ambien is a sleeping medication that has a strange side effect. It can drastically increase sex drive in some people. This is more common in women than in men. I heard of one case of a UK housewife who took the drug. She went from being a fairly normal married woman to by her own admission sleeping with as many as 20 men a day.

Doctors aren’t always aware of the side effects of the drugs they prescribe. It’s hard to work 12 – 15 hour days and also keep abreast of every detail of every new drug that hits the market. So they rely on the drug company reps to give them the details.

Drug company reps are basically salesmen. So they want to put the best possible spin on their product. They may tell a doctor that Ambien is the best, safest, and most effective sleeping med on the market. They may not tell them that in 1 out of 5000 cases it can turn the person into a sex fiend. So a lot of stuff gets prescribed without full awareness of the consequences.

Now I’m not saying that Tiger should get a pass for his behavior (Here at Wondertrash we’ve had as much fun at his expense as anyone). However should this be a prescription medication issue then Tiger might be getting the dirty end of the stick. It might be wise & compassionate to look at all the possibilities in the Tiger Woods case before we throw anymore coals into the fire. In every other aspect of his life he’s always conducted himself with decency and humility (& even now). So there may be an explanation for this out of character behavior.

More mischief with Ambien
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Woods’ Women – another one comes out of the woodwork!

More mistress distress
It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!

I’d say Woods was as busy as a beaver except it’s more like he was busy with the beaver. It’s surprising that he had the energy to play golf! On the bright side I hear that Tiger may pick up one new sponsor. Red Bull energy drink is very interested in having him represent them!

tiger woods mistress

If even half of the stories are true then Tiger has screwed everyone except Erin Esurance!


Tiger Loses Endorsements

The rats weren’t long leaving the sinking ship!

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Is Tiger the new Tom Cruise?

Meanwhile the PGA is fully supporting Woods’ decision to take a break. Now the PGA & Tiger have had a mutually profitable relationship for about ten years, so it’s only natural that they’d want to be supportive. However kidding aside they really mean “Don’t call us, we’ll call you – eventually”. Looks like Tiger is getting some time in the penalty box for ‘high sticking’.

tiger woods satirical cartoon


Child Services visit Tiger Woods

Now this is getting blown out of proportion. He only had a violent confrontation with his wife and trashed a couple of lawns with his SUV. It’s not like he set his kids adrift in a balloon or worse, pimped them out in a reality TV show.

Meanwhile Catherine Zeta Jones has gone where movie stars’ careers go to die – Broadway! Next stop, dinner theater!

Sienna Miller
got to Broadway much quicker. Of course she pissed a lot of people off in record time (not the least of which being Russell Crowe & Ridley Scott). She’ll be lucky if she ever gets a close up again.


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