Chris Brown Quits Twitter

He is hot tempered, isn’t he

First Miley Cyrus and now Big Chris. Apparently it’s some sort of fuss over record sales or lack of respect or something. Maybe he just wants to make it perfectly clear that you can’t count on having him to kick around anymore. Tiger Woods is handling his situation better and he’s in such hot water that it’s boiling! The Internet will just have to muddle by without them.


Fuck Ups & Freak Outs

5150 is now part of the language!

With the recent revelations about Tiger Woods’ overactive sex life there has some good sport and a lot of just plain schadenfreude at his fall from grace. It’s important to remember that Tiger isn’t the only high profile personality to mess up. It’s a long list, and Tiger’s misdeeds are tame in comparison to some past celebrity fuck ups. For instance do you remember this moment in TV history?

Top Gun is still recovering from all that scenery chewing! It an outrageous scene but there would be more to follow. Celebrities can be such a temperamental group. Take Christian Bale for instance.

Chris had to lay low for awhile until that mess blew over. He’s just lucky that guy wasn’t with the Teamsters. You have to understand what it’s like to work with actors – it’s takes a lot of snotty immaturity to create! Take Lilly Thomlin for instance!

What a joy that film must’ve been to do. You know how exhilarating the creative process can be. So much so in fact that the slightest sip of Starbucks’ coffee is enough to turn Quentin Taratino into a raving psychopath!

Then again we have to cut QT some slack. He is so highly creative that he can go off even without the aid of caffeine. Take this ugly little incident for incidence:

I wonder if that lugee made EBay? It’s not just the flighty artistes that are liable to go off their head. Even our trusted and responsible pro journalist can have sudden and unexpected flip outs. Remember when the O Reilly factor spun out of control?

You have to admire a professional with that kind of passion for his craft (but seriously who said that bloggers are journalism’s lunatic fringe?).The behind the scenes people can be just as hot blooded when it comes to perfectionism.

Sounds like they had their own twister right there in the studio. Once again the lovely & talented Contessa Brewer finds herself in the middle of it too! Now I’m not gonna say that she’s MSNBC’s own Calamity Jane, I just wouldn’t want to be walking beside her in a thunder storm. Like Jessica Fletcher, bad stuff seems to happen when she’s around! Remember the time that she mixed up her activists?

Then there was that time she pulled the “cut the mic” move. They don’t even pull that on open line talk radio anymore!

Brewer got her start with Don Imus. He made a career out of pushing the limits but eventually fell into the abyss after get his foot caught in his mouth.

That was like a chorus of “We shall overcome” compared to Michael Kramer Richards’ Laughfactory meltdown!

That was almost as shocking as the revelation that David Letterman has had sex! That stunt killed the Seinfeld syndication deals! Jerry was counting on those residuals to keep expanding his fleet of Porsches! BTW speaking of Letterman:

The point behind all this buffoonery is that compared to some of these meltdowns, Tiger’s behavior is like skipping Sunday School. There have been plenty more of these meltdowns that I didn’t even get around to mentioning – Kanye West‘s VMA outburst, Chris Brown‘s violent outburst, Denise Richards’ skanky betrayal of her best friend and sleazy accusations against her ex, Eric Dane’s drab sex tape, Angelina Jolie’s general phoniness – “I like to fly my own plane while cutting myself with knives. It’s helps raise my awareness of the global situation!”, etc. Besides, who knows which celebrity will be the next one to make an asshole of themselves? So while we’re all enjoying the heaping helping of schadenfreude, perhaps we should leaven it with a measure of grace & gentle good humour. To err is human.

mugshot mel


Courtney Love loses daughter

Just when you thought that the gossip couldn’t get any dicier!

Doped out incoherent skank Courtney Love has lost legal guardianship of her daughter Francis Bean. A Los Angeles superior court award legal guardianship of Francis Bean to the mother – Wendy O’Connor – and sister – Kimberly Dawn Cobain – of her father, Nirvana front man the late Kurt Cobain.

Is the bitch slowly losing her mind?

No official statement was made as to why guardianship was awarded to Cobain`s family. However Love has been going off the rails for awhile now. She’s made a bunch of nearly incomprehensible twitter & blog postings. One of these even resulted in a law suit when a LA fashion designer who was the subject of a posting found it libelous. Other postings claimed that most of Cobain’s money had disappeared in insurance & mortgage frauds. Then there are those persistent nasty rumours that Kurt Cobain had a little help checking out from his ‘better half’. Supposedly he was on the verge of divorcing the Hole singer when he met his untimely demise. Since being Mrs. Kurt Cobain was her livelihood, that would left her with only her talent & charisma to fall back on. That might’ve been a hard fall.

to be continued?

Francis Bean is currently 17, and so rapidly approaching the age of majority. At that point Love is legally out of the picture as regard to her daughter’s legal & financial affairs. This one could get interesting! Congratulations Tiger – the heat is off!

Courtney love Francis bean Cobain

BTW this topic is currently being hotly debated over at the Internet #1 entertainment gossip forum Gossiprocks.