Brittany Murphy – looking back

Actress Brittany Murphy died earlier this morning, after being found unconscious in the shower by her mother. The 32 year old actress was later pronounced dead, of a heart attack. Here’s a look back at Brittany, in happier days, on the David Letterman Show.

Murphy was an actress, singer, and among her other accomplishments, she was the voice of Luanne on TV animated comedy King of the Hill. There’s something to be said for Appreciation Day.


Jesus Kills Santa in Christmas Outrage

Man snaps under holiday pressure

Christmas season has a way of bringing it out in people. I think that we can all relate to this man’s sheer frustration at the unbearable pressure and commercialism that has become attached to Christmas. Maybe some of us can even sympathize with this gesture of futile rebellion!

Santa was asking for it

Local residents are outraged, but they don’t seem very outraged. Let’s face it, Santa is a drunken old spendthrift. When was the last time he really gave anyone anything? He just soaks up the milk & cookies, & and takes all the credit. Meanwhile you’re the one stuck with the bill! He’s like one of those politicians that make wild promises and are a little too free with taxpayers’ money!

So I think that a lot of us will secretly be rooting for Jesus this Christmas, especially every time the plastic has to come out. Oh yeah, & that Rudolph was becoming a pain in the ass too! So, are your Christmas lawn decorations up yet?


Steve McNair Case Unfolding


Chris Brown Cancels Twitter Account

I wonder what the chances are of him hooking up with Tila Tequila? She’s got Twitter enough in her for both of them!


Taylor Swift has a birthday

Since getting interrupted by Kanye West at the VMA’s it’s only been onward & upward for Taylor Swift. Only an allegation that she’s slept with Tiger Woods can stop her now! On a serious note the donation was a really classy gesture.