Rehab Romance Rebound

Matches and gasoline: together again!

Believe it or not, it’s being reported that troubled singer Amy Winehouse, and her troublesome ex Blake Civil-Fielder have had a ‘commitment ceremony’. Though some think that they’d be better off being committed to an institution, the pair are said to have had some sort of a ritual, involving vague promises and rambling vows sometime during Christmas. The proceedings took place near the rehab center where Blakie is currently being held.

While most folk aren’t surprised by anything Winehouse might do (except pull herself together), this one is an eyebrow raiser, even on the Winehouse scale. Not only has Blakie admited to being the one who got her hooked on drugs, and who almost accidentally killed her by way of an over dose; but he also got hooked up with another woman during one of his numerous rehab stints. That resulted in a pregnancy, and more Civil-Fielder DNA floating around in the gene pool. It’s enough to undermine your faith in Charles Darwin – “What natural selection?” If Amy is prepared to over look that, then let’s the rest of us hope that Blake’s rehab love child got what ever good genes might have been available in that pairing up.


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