Living in the past – facing the consequences

So Ronnie Wood is talking about the Small Faces. Is young ex companion is doing some talking too and she doesn’t care what she says – like he’s a drunken & shrunken old brute with the sexual charisma of Mr Burns from the Simpsons. Also Mick Jagger has reportedly suspended Ronnie from his permanent temporary gig with the Rolling Stones.



Mel Gibson is mad, and ‘fucking’ mad about gossip and celebrity scrutiny. Just listen to him in the following short video interview!

The life of an alcoholic movie star is a rough one. Why only recently Rip Torn was arrested for breaking into a bank with a pistol. Naturally Rip was ripped, so perhaps the pistol talked him into it or something. In addition to B&E, Rip has also lived a very colourful life which has included a DUI arrest and an assault on a director with a hammer (Rip hit him in the head – no word on whether the hammer talked him into it).


Coming soon to the National Enquirer


Buried Body ID’d As Missing Fla. Lottery Winner

Well if he was stupid enough to get murdered than he deserves to be dead! It’s not like he didn’t have money or anything.

Look there up in the sky – is it a bird? is it a plane? Does Balloon Boy fly again?

In other news the UFO’s have landed in Harbour Mille Newfoundland!

Of course the main questions about UFO’s remain unanswered – who are they? where do they come from? and why do they come?

Never fear, though the aliens may be 100’s years ahead of the human race we’ve got one thing they haven’t;bloody mindedness!

UFO – Identified,t=1,mt=video
Deleted User | MySpace Video

Remember that aliens are more afraid of you than you are of them. Earth’s just a bad place for your flying saucer to run out of gas!

PS. Now Newfoundland has more in common with Ireland than the accent and local family names!

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From the tabs – More Brangie

Plus Celebitchy is reporting that Brad has called Angelina a “bitch” behind her back. Now I’m sure that he only meant that in the most positive sense. Besides who doesn’t think that she’s a bitch?


Alicia Keys/Pete Doherty and Susan Boyle

Pete Doherty recently got into trouble again when he was caught on a traffic violation. When he appeared in court he still had his stash on him – about $500 of heroin. The judge told Petey that he was either stupid or publicity seeking, but he avoided jail time.

Michael Douglas son Cameron Douglas, who’s girlfriend was caught smuggling him heroin concealed in a tooth brush – once again in court – wasn’t so lucky. That lad is looking at serious jail time. Big Daddy Michael says that he is very disappointed, then again I’m sure that Cameron could say as much about him.

Susan Boyle has had a rough week. She was publicly referred to as a ‘virus’. Her home was also broken into by an obsessed fan. This has caused her brother to express some fears for her safety.


State of the Union address

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Coming hot on the heels of President Obama’s SOTU address is some very good news for the markets – Ford has turned a profit.


Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da – Tila Goes On

May I make my fond excuses for the lateness of the hour

It’s been like a month or something already – so what’s taken her so long to get over “wifey”? I must say that I admire Tila’s resiliency in bouncing back from grief like this. Everybody has their set backs and disappointments, but you just can’t let them get to you. Besides I’m sure that Casey would want her to enjoy life – happy ever after in the market place!


Chris Matthews goes temporarily colour blind

Latently racist and unintentionally patronizing?

The guy is black – do not adjust your set!

For only 1 hour? What about the other 23?? I’m sure that he didn’t mean that the way it sounded. It sounded like he was saying that President Obama is doing alright ‘for a colored guy’. Maybe that’s why he got the Nobel Peace Prize? While America may have turned the corner on race, it’s not exactly in the past. Not even among the ‘liberal media establishment’ who think that Barack Obama is the baddest jive talking cat ever to become president, and so much better than the previous turkey. He’s “Dy-no-mite”! At least Matthews didn’t call him the Michael Jackson of USA presidents and salute him for bringing cool into the White House. It could’ve been worse. Matthews could’ve called him ‘a credit to his race’ or something.

No prejudice intended

PS. Personally I’m pissed off at Chris Matthews (and to a lesser extend Contessa Brewer) for perpetuating the stereotype of TV newsmen being Ted Baxterish buffoons who make fools of themselves the minute they stray away from the teleprompter!!


Elin takes Tiger back?

New rumors have Nordegren taking back her husband, golf’s No. 1 swinger Tiger Woods. She’s visited him in The Gentle Path sex rehab clinic, and has allowed herself to be persuaded by his sincerity and remorse. She also doesn’t want to raise her kids without a dad. Elin herself is the child of divorced parents! Personally I wonder whether Oprah Winfrey’s show yesterday might have had some effect on poor Elin in her disturbed and impressionable state:

America’s Guru!

We all know about the raw power that Oprah wields over her audience. When she says something they immediately go out and do it without question, or as much as stopping to think. That’s why she can make best sellers through her book club, that’s why normally sane people swallowed The Secret hook, line, & sinker; and that’s why Dr. Phil McGraw – daytime’s version of Star Trek’s Harcort Fenton Mudd- has his own show. Oprah’s legion of zombies just have no mind of their own. The Oprah Effect strikes again!

That said I must say that I can hardly wait to see Elin & Tiger on Oprah. You know that’s coming. Tiger better hide his clubs though. Just in case. He’d better keep tighter tabs on his texting too.