Blast From The Past!

It’s a new year, and a time to wax nostalgic. Here on video are some out takes from one of America’s last great comedy duos at the height of their career. Enjoy!

Though this was taped in the 80’s, Siskel & Ebert correctly anticipated the conspiracy theory, the out take blooper reel, and the gratuitous use of the “F” word – later to be brought to a new level by Christian Bale! God bless you Gene Siskel, where ever you are. May the Good Lord keep a watchful eye on you too, Roger Ebert!


Tiger Woods taped with mistress

Screw and be screwed

pushing boundaries & getting pushed back!

When you’ve pushed your luck as much as Tiger Woods has you’re bound to get caught sooner or later. When Woods got caught it was big time. The world found out after he crashed his SUV on a neighbors front lawn, and his wife tried to ‘rescue’ him by beating him repeatedly in the face with a golf club! Tiger described Elin Woods actions at the scene as heroic. Though his heart might’ve been in the right place that time, the world has come to learn that Woods has a casual at best relationship with the truth (as he has with numerous young women!).

Stretching the truth & burning the candle at both ends!

It was soon revealed that Tiger had been deceiving his wife, and his corporate sponsors, for years. While high paying backers groomed his ‘nice guy’ image to attach to their products, the Tiger had been keeping busy with a small harem on the side. So far the count is at least 14, though there are probably many more. Tiger probably is a nice guy. The problem seems to be that he was too nice to too many people!

no more Mr Nice Guy, no more Mr Clean

It doesn’t look like 2010 is gonna be any easier for Tiger. His wife is moving back to her native Sweden, taking the kids, and gearing up for a multi million dollar divorce. She’s got plenty of evidence, in the form of intimate text messages sent to and from various women to back up her case too. Now she has something even more powerful!

America’s sleaziest surveillance videos

The National Enquirer
is reporting that video tape of Tiger groping a tall slinky woman in a California parking lot has surfaced. The tape is grainy, but the ‘who’ and the ‘what’s going on’ is clear enough. The couple embrace, the woman seems more than happy, then they get into Tiger’s SUV and drive off together – perhaps on their way to one of Tiger’s sleazy trysts! Just to add salt to the wound, Elin was told that Tiger was in Las Vegas – at a sporting event – when the lovey dovey business was going down! If she didn’t feel foolish enough already this is bound to get her dander up! BTW the footage has been offered to her divorce attorneys. So it’s probably due to make an appearance during the court proceedings.

Viagra – who needs it?

Not that it’s any consolation but in a way Tiger was at a sporting event. It probably involved balls and a hole too (who knew he had so much talent in that area?). It just didn’t have much to do with golf. As for sponsors, maybe Woods could strike a deal with the Energizer battery people? Like their bunny, this story & Tiger too seem to keep going and going and going…

A note to fellow bloggers – while you’re harassing celebrities and politicians (It’s called ‘citizen journalism’. When you get paid to harass the famous, it’s called legitimate or ‘professional journalism’!), you might want to also spruce up your blog with some nifty widgets!


Ashton Kutcher goes wild in Spread

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Ashton Kutcher, but he’s been up to more than single handedly popularizing Twitter. He’s got a new movie and here’s a preview!


Happy New Year

Have a flashy, trashy WONDERFUL 2010!