Top 5 Crazy Rumors of 2009

Where celeb rumours were concerned, ’09 was year during which truth was stranger than fiction!


Coming Soon to the National Enquirer

They’re also toying with the following story possibility:

Here is a new Enquirer story we’re working on this weekend that may or may not happen:

Angelina Jolie physically attacked Brad Pitt as they battled over his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. The Enquirer has all the details of the violent fight, in which Angelina tore off Brad’s shirt.

They just haven’t decided whether the public is Brangelina’d out yet. Just a hint, even (especially?) Brad Pitt is Brangelina’d out! – less Brangelina and more Palins!


Shania Twain carries Olympic Torch in Timmins

The following video, purporting to be of Shania Twain carrying the Olympic torch through Timmons, was recently posted to youtube.

That was harder to make sense of than the Magruder film, so here’s another and this time in hi definition!!

picture courtesy of


Limbaugh: Heart Tests Show Nothing Wrong

Rush goes from being a pain to being in pain – but were specialists looking in the wrong place?

I’m surprised his cardiac exam showed that anything was there. Now if they’d scanned his head then they might’ve gotten to the source of his problems!

I’m OK – you’re still a liberal traitor!

Professional blowhard back to normal, more or less

You know he’s feeling better because he worked in that remark about health care. Seriously though – there’s no ill will here. Get well soon Rush, ’cause it wouldn’t be the same without you!