Going Their Own Way


There have been more dubious Tiger Woods sightings than Elvis sightings. This is becoming like “Where’s Waldo”!


In other news we know exactly where Redmond O Neal is going. The son of Ryan O Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett was busted for drug possession while on a 24 hour pass for rehab. That broke the terms of his probation. So it looks like young Redmond is going back to jail for another 30 days.

…gone too far?

Natalie Portman has some very specific ideas about where her career is going. In an interview given to UK Elle for Feb the actress says that she tries to stay away from ‘portraying Jews’ and ‘Holocaust stuff’. Say Postman – birth name Hershlag:

“I’ve always tried to stay away from playing Jews. I get like 20 Holocaust scripts a month, but I hate the genre.

The actress claims that she prefers comedy. She also has some mixed feeling about her role as a sexualized child assassin in Leon. Say Hershlag, I mean Portman:

“There was a lot of controversy about the whole Lolita thing. My parents were super-protective about it, but I got a lot of weird letters. It was really upsetting. I didn’t want to be seen as a sex object, so I went in the opposite direction. I’m definitely not a prude about sex or nudity, I just don’t want to do something that will end up as a screen grab on a porn site.”

I think we’ve heard about such super protective parents before, like Teri Shields. Now if you want to remember Nat’s real name just think “Her slag” and add an extra ‘h’!

Gone back together

There is some good news amongst the bad.

Amor Vincit Omnia! Why let a little thing like an alleged Christmas knife fight stand in the way of what could be a beautiful relationship. Besides, who else would have either of them?

Going down under

Miley Cyrus is going too, but in this case it’s only temporarily. She and her new boyfriend Liam Hemsworth (I guess that underwear model that her dad Billy Ray liked so much is gone) hit the beach in Australia during a brief getaway. Though Miley is gone, fortunately (or unfortunately – depending on whether you’re a Miley fan or not) she’ll be back in time for some awards show or another!

BTW Miley was one of the 1st celebs to depart from Twitter.

Going their separate ways?

What would a week without Britney be like? Her ‘former’ fiance Jason Trawick may soon find out. Though they were planning some kind of engagement last month, they’re are already taking a break.

Skip the marriage and go right to the separation? I like that clear headed, sensible approach!

Gone but not forgotten

Michael Jackson is gone, but we’re hearing so much about him it’s like he never really left. For instance Lenny Kravitz is denying that he leaked a song he collaborated on with Jackson (That’s sensible since Sony, who owns the song, is having a fit about the security breach. If only airports took security half so seriously as media conglomerates do!). The song is already making the rounds of the Internet, but Kravitz is denying any knowledge or responsibility!

So it seems to be ‘go,go,go’ in the exciting world of celebrities. If only they knew when to stop! Many of them could use a short vacation – if only to give the rest of us a breather. If they can’t take a short vacation, then they should at least take a long commercial break!


Full Tilt Oprah

The year of ‘living Oprah’: stressful & costly!

What happens when a mild mannered yoga instructor decides to spend a year doing everything that Oprah says? She loses a ton of money and almost loses her husband! She did get a nice cart out of the ordeal though!


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Oproids: Join the mindless zombie army of the afternoon!

Oprah may be America’s BFF, but after a year of mindlessly following Oprah’s every command, that poor woman may have felt more like Oprah was a ‘BS’F.


Blogo on Trump; Snooki on Leno


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Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

It’s a great cast that Donald Trump has assembled, but where’s Paula Abdul? She seems like a natural for Celebrity Apprentice. Besides, I hear that she’s currently ‘open to new opportunities’.

Is Snooki overdosing on bronzer?

I can’t say I’m surprised that rogue Governor Rod Blagojevich is doing Celebrity Apprentice, but I am very disappointed in Sinbad. I really thought he had more class. As for Snooki (speaking of class), give her some credit for realizing that we are in a post literate era. Books are just so pre Internet. However she might want to examine the possible connection between tanning beds and brain damage!


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