Julia Voth: Doodlecast Link & Hot Pic!

Julia Voth: Doodlecast

Julia Voth


In addition to acting, modeling, and doodling, Julia Voth has been known to dabble in poetry. Here’s and example:

It’s breathing down my neck

Darkness on the daunting shore is breathing down my neck

Shallow breaths create a hushed echo across the water

Reach the shore and breath no more; lips utter no hope

There’s a chill in the air tonight, I feel it in my soul

It’s cold and weak like a dead mans hand laid on mine

Clouds eclipse a full conscious, brawling in the sky

And shadows cast a glimpse of no one there, there’s no one here

But I remember seeing him look at me like this

Like when he looks at me I have been looked at

And when he lays me down I will lay there forever

I rest there, trying to remember how to breathe

And I take the dead mans hand in mine and hold it close to my heart

I will not stir in the bed I have made for you and I

The sky will turn its crimson pinks and orange and scorch the land

A new day has turned and I am still the same, I still feel without

Winds rustle the leaves that command presence and obedience

So I stand submissive to the path that has been chosen

Bowing and cursing them under my breath

It’s foul, but not as merciless as the rotting man in my hand…


Tobey Maguire on Jimmy Kimmel

Good news for comic movie fans – Mr. Maguire has confirmed that Spiderman 4 is on!


Natalie Portman
is actually a half decent actress, as long as she doesn’t have any lines. Just stand there and look pretty, dear.


Balloon Boy Dad Makes TV Rounds, Claims Innocence

Balloon Boy’s dad is still talking, and still claiming innocence. He wanted fame but you think that he would’ve learned to shut up by now!

Everybody is to blame except Richard Heene!

Apparently he claims that his wife unintentionally betrayed him when the police tricked her by using obscure english phrases like “hoax”. So really this is the fault of the Japanese, for not speaking english. So you can see how the poor man isn’t to blame for this.