Julia Voth: Doodlecast Link & Hot Pic!

Julia Voth: Doodlecast

Julia Voth


In addition to acting, modeling, and doodling, Julia Voth has been known to dabble in poetry. Here’s and example:

It’s breathing down my neck

Darkness on the daunting shore is breathing down my neck

Shallow breaths create a hushed echo across the water

Reach the shore and breath no more; lips utter no hope

There’s a chill in the air tonight, I feel it in my soul

It’s cold and weak like a dead mans hand laid on mine

Clouds eclipse a full conscious, brawling in the sky

And shadows cast a glimpse of no one there, there’s no one here

But I remember seeing him look at me like this

Like when he looks at me I have been looked at

And when he lays me down I will lay there forever

I rest there, trying to remember how to breathe

And I take the dead mans hand in mine and hold it close to my heart

I will not stir in the bed I have made for you and I

The sky will turn its crimson pinks and orange and scorch the land

A new day has turned and I am still the same, I still feel without

Winds rustle the leaves that command presence and obedience

So I stand submissive to the path that has been chosen

Bowing and cursing them under my breath

It’s foul, but not as merciless as the rotting man in my hand…


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