Chris’s Story – The Man Who Can’t Stop Hiccupping – Preview – BBC One


Lindsay Lohan Car Crash Video

This shocking video courtesy of Popsugar, where they have more on the story. So take the hint a get over there – chop, chop!


Strange Bedfellow: Eliot Spitzer Talks Bonus Outrage

Disgraced Sex Governor’s delicate scruples outraged!

Guess who else is making a come back, besides Spiderman. Elliot Spitzer has resurfaced and he is outraged – and not about high end prostitution either!

Politics and moral indignation make strange bedfellows

Spitzer is talking about ‘intellectual consensus’, so it’s safe to assume that his joystick is currently in the off position. I wonder what Ashley Dupre is outraged about? Maybe he and fellow disgraced Gov Rod Blagojevich could get some kind of reality TV deal together. However it must be said that Blago at least has enough sense not to bother to try and regain credibility!

Fuck ups

Perhaps he’s just upset because he’s no longer in office and so not in line for his share of the stimulus package? Then again his package was already over stimulated. He’d have only squander that federal money on who knows what (girls, girls, and more girls!).

Hang in there, Tiger Woods! There is life after scandal!


Spiderman 4


Close Encouters of the 3rd Kind – making celebrity contact

Don’t call them, they’ll call you!

Attention stalkers – hope springs eternal, & sometimes turns psychotic!

Many people wonder how they can get in touch with their favorite celeb. Celebs guard their privacy almost as zealously as they cultivate their image and court publicity. Their e mail addresses, real addresses, phone numbers, etc., are closely guarded secrets. So if you want more than the occasional tweet, what are you to do? Well stalkers, there’s good news – it is possible.

Dreams can come true, it can happen to you!

Carlos Guillermo Diaz is a fan of the actress Rhona Mitra. So much so that he created an online shrine for her at facebook. Somehow word got back to Ms. Mitra about this innocent yet creepy fan devotion. So she rewarded Mr. Diaz for his devotion by getting in contact with him! He was so happy that he wanted to share the news with the world!

Rhona Mitra Facebook

nice big fake boobs you’ve got there Ms. Slutty!

Good things come to those who wait. In this case warnings come to those who stalk. Apparent the constant references to Ms. Mitra’s boobs – they’re fake & her 1st pair was installed by her own father the noted London plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Mitra; and her sex life – just because she plays an oversexed tramp in the movies doesn’t mean that the image is any more real than her breatds – finally got under her skin like so much non surgical grade silicon or unwelcome latex! Carlos was told to buzz off! He was told by Ms. Mitra herself though, & that’s the main thing!

breasts are a sore spot – or at least a sensitive subject

So if you want to be contacted by some one like Ms. Mitra just start making references online to her big fake plastic tits, or speculate openly about whether she’s the kind of nympho in real life that she plays in the flicks! If you’re irratating and creepy enough who knows – you just might get that very special message you’ve been waiting for.

Actress works with the stalkers she knows & trusts?

Be warned though. These Internet things don’t always work out. Ms. Mitra is not one to be messed with. Shortly after Carlos received his long awaited acknowledgment, he was ousted as admin of his facebook page. He was soon replaced by Elbert N. Edgenton (real name??).

rona mitra facebook

but seriously

Now this guy is like the new marshal in town, and sent out a reminder that Rhona Mitra is a serious actress (at least of the caliber of Xenia Seeberg or Jamie Murray) and that sleazy shenanigans will not be tolerated. So long Carlos!

Be warned!

So if you feel the need to get personal with your favorite celeb then you might peak their interest by tweaking their nose. Don’t be too surprised if you hear from their lawyer instead. Like they say, it’s a bad idea to meet your heroes in person! Maybe you could settle for buying their used underwear & Kleenex on EBay? With cloning technology advancing by the second who knows what dividends such investments might soon pay out?
Besides, what good are celebs’ restraining orders when hope is involved?

rhona mitra sexy
rhona mitra lips
rhona mirtra