Blake Lively’s Esquire Cover and Interview

BTW – If you’re looking for a good science fiction novel, try “FlashForward” by Toronto’s Robert J. Sawyer.


Milla Jovovich Birthday Blowout

Actress and action heroine Milla Jovovich recently celebrated her birthday. Mz. M even decided to ‘twittercast‘ the wild wingding, just so her many fans could join in the hi jinx vicariously. Now, and without further adieu, here it is below!

Now wasn’t that a 5 alarm blow out! It only needed Dean Martin crooning in the back ground and Don Rickles wearing a lampshade over his head. Seriously though, it is really endearing to see Ms. Jovovich like this. It helps remind us that celebs are basically just like us, only with better hair and teeth – not to mention larger houses, faster cars, more money, and a wider variety of sexual partners! I can’t imagine what her New Year’s Eve wing ding must’ve been like, “Okay people – Scrabble ’till midnight!”

Not all celebrities are like us though. Some are different and scary. With that in mind here’s is a link to the most vicious interviews that Tila Tequila has ever done. Here’s a little teaser!


TIME Magazine Interviews: Harrison Ford