Elin takes Tiger back?

New rumors have Nordegren taking back her husband, golf’s No. 1 swinger Tiger Woods. She’s visited him in The Gentle Path sex rehab clinic, and has allowed herself to be persuaded by his sincerity and remorse. She also doesn’t want to raise her kids without a dad. Elin herself is the child of divorced parents! Personally I wonder whether Oprah Winfrey’s show yesterday might have had some effect on poor Elin in her disturbed and impressionable state:

America’s Guru!

We all know about the raw power that Oprah wields over her audience. When she says something they immediately go out and do it without question, or as much as stopping to think. That’s why she can make best sellers through her book club, that’s why normally sane people swallowed The Secret hook, line, & sinker; and that’s why Dr. Phil McGraw – daytime’s version of Star Trek’s Harcort Fenton Mudd- has his own show. Oprah’s legion of zombies just have no mind of their own. The Oprah Effect strikes again!

That said I must say that I can hardly wait to see Elin & Tiger on Oprah. You know that’s coming. Tiger better hide his clubs though. Just in case. He’d better keep tighter tabs on his texting too.


Miranda Kerr – Hot Pink Bikini

Now appearing without camel toe!

Photos courtesy of CelebrityPictures

Miranda Kerr In Pink Bikini Boy Shorts Photo Shooting in St Barts
Miranda Kerr In Pink Bikini Boy Shorts pictures Miranda Kerr In Pink Bikini Boy Shorts pictures Miranda Kerr In Pink Bikini Boy Shorts pictures Miranda Kerr In Pink Bikini Boy Shorts pictures Miranda Kerr In Pink Bikini Boy Shorts pictures Miranda Kerr In Pink Bikini Boy Shorts pictures Miranda Kerr In Pink Bikini Boy Shorts pictures Miranda Kerr In Pink Bikini Boy Shorts pictures Miranda Kerr In Pink Bikini Boy Shorts pictures Miranda Kerr In Pink Bikini Boy Shorts pictures Miranda Kerr In Pink Bikini Boy Shorts pictures Miranda Kerr In Pink Bikini Boy Shorts pictures

There’s a distinct lack of camel toe in the above shots. Some previously posted pix of Ms. Kerr from a David Jones fashion show in Australia look as if her crotch is about to swallow her bikini bottoms! Her pet beast must be hungry!

In other news: Some one who won’t be wearing a bikini any time soon is Kevin Federline. For on thing he’s guy, but besides he’s gained a ton of weight (not literally since a ton would mean about 2000 pounds -he seems to have put on a mere 1/10th of that) since his Brit split. The former dancer blames depression, related to the divorce, for his weight gain. Federline, who sounds like he might be practicing an Oprah spiel, goes on to say that depression has robbed of the energy it takes to remain slim and trim, by sapping him of the will to do anything. Not that he ever seemed especially motivated to do anything.


Suleman octuplets mark first birthday


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Octomom: More outrageous lies?

Who really believes that Octomom Nadya Suleman works out at the gym for 3 hours a day 4 days a week? Who’s looking after her numerous brood of children – 14 at last count but that could go up without warning – while she’s taking care of herself? That kind of dedication to personal fitness really would make her an unfit mother, so let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s lying. She got her new figure the same way she got her ‘rubber band’ lips, and she didn’t get those by blowing up truck tires at the service station! She might be a demon at the gym, if you take her at her word, but she’s not even trying to be believable anymore.


Brangie Update

From desperate to separate?

While some are adamantly denying or at least questioning the Brangelina break up rumors, the National Enquirer is claiming that Pitt’s bought himself a brand spanking new bachelor pad! The National Enquirer has picked up a story from the UK Daily Mail which has Brad Pitt laying out 1.3 mill for a palatial party mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Besides the grapevine has had them leading separate lives for a few years with Brad drinking and smoking up while Jolie pursues her interests in impulse adoptions and self harm.

The timing of the rumours is sunny too – now that Jennifer Aniston has moved on to Gerard Butler and Pitt is entering Oscar territory with Inglourious Basterds ( SAG is a step in that direction), Angelina Jolie might have decided to let go. Perhaps one of the most attractive things about him was that Aniston still wanted him. She also liked being perceived as molding him and as being the brains of the operation – “I’m a sophisticated & complicated screw up with an international perspective”. Sometimes I think that girl is even beyond Gwyneth Paltrow levels of snottiness! Also Inglourious Basterds success has gotta rub the wrong way since her own career has tanked out since at least The Changeling.

Life with AJ couldn’t have been much fun. Since 2004 he’s gone from Joe Handsome to looking like the 4rth member of ZZ Top! If he sticks around any longer he wind up looking like the Missing Link!

The actor formerly known as Brad Pitt is looking like the new ‘new’ Joaquin Phoenix!

John Edwards a dead beat dad to illegitimate daughter?

Head over to Gossiprocks for the latest on John Edwards. In an attack of scuzziness he’s refused to pay for dental work on his love child Frances Quinn by Rielle Hunter. Maybe this is his way of supporting health care reform. What a prince of a guy!

PS. While some of us will miss the ‘new’ Joaquin Phoenix, most of you will be relived to hear that he has gone the way of New Coke. The latest news has him reverting back to original or ‘Joaquin Classic‘ state and playing on the Internet with Liv Tyler & Miley Cyrus. As to whatever it was that hapened to him, I assume that it might have been a transporter beam accident!


Celebrity Tweet of the Day – Tila Tequila Hates Bloggers!

At least she said some, or she would’ve been making a broad – but mostly accurate – generalization!