Michael Jackson’s doctor to be charged over death

While Jackson’s Doc may be in trouble, his kids are bouncing back marvelously with the help of the grand parents. Only recently the two oldest, Paris & Prince, accepted a – some what ironically named lifetime achievement award. This would’ve been very much against their late father’s wishes – the kids getting out in public I mean, not the award.

When P&P accepted they thanked their grandmother and grandfather for their support. Once again this would’ve been against Michael Jackson’s wishes. He was very fond of his mother but didn’t want his father anywhere near the kids. The general idea seemed to be to protect the children from the ravages of fame that he himself had to bear. Now Michael’s gone, & the family wants money, so guess how long those wishes have been respected. Look for the younger Jackson’s to hit the road sometime soon – with their very own act. An Oprah appearance may even be in their very near future (probably being negotiated right now)! Personally if I were Joe Jackson I’d try to be a little more low key and subtle. I start the kids out slowly, perhaps with a Twitter account!

Speaking of outrages Katie Jordan Price has married again! She had a trashy tacky Vegas wedding in which no stone of bad taste was left unturned (or un thrown)!

I don’t know why Katie Jordan Price hasn’t been charged with something – there ought’a be a law!



Some one once quoted, and I believe that it might have been Clive James (author of the excellent “Fame in the 20th Century“) that if you added up all the actual play time in the Superbowl – it came out ot less than 15 minutes. With that in mind here’s a look at the highlight of the up coming Superbowl: the Superbowl adds!

Now though it could’ve been Clive James it might have just as easily have been James Twitchell in his excellent book Adcult! Adcult paved the way for No Logo, but No Logo missed many points that Adcult had made (principally that advertising, by lending it’s self so easily to social referencing and expression, becomes a valid form of expression – or Wondertrash!).