"Sexual Napalm" Fires Back

Jessica Simpson was recently out and about in the Los Angeles area, so naturally the good folk over @ TMZ cornered her to get her reaction to John Mayer’s notorious comments. If you’ll recall Mayer claimed that Simpson is a 5 alarm lover. He called her a drug, crazy in bed, and sexual napalm. Now it’s napalm’s turn to fire back!

Well that wasn’t so much firing back as fizzling out. They should’ve asked her what the hell is happening to her sister’s nose!


Mellisa Hollingsworth Canadian Olympian

The Winter Olympics have begun in Vancouver, and this is as good a time as nay to start taking a look at some of our Olympians. Mellisa Holliginsworth can usually be found training for the Skeleton – a sort of luge. When she’s not doing that she’s riding and training her horses. When she’s not doing that she’s a ‘good will ambassador’ for Unicef and Right to Play. When she’s not doing that she’s dabbling in fashion photography – as you will see in the following short video. Enjoy!


Be sure to check out Mellisa’s site, and read her blog!


Happy VD!

Is “love” a cliche cultivated by the greeting card industry (as a subsidiary of the ad industry), or is it a hackneyed joke relied up on by stand up comedians and other professional cynics (like journalists and their illegitimate cousins bloggers – well bloggers are more amateur cynics)? The following video will attempt to answer that question. Enjoy.

G. vs E. – Men Are From Mars, Women Are Evil
Deleted User | MySpace Video


Gossip dejour



Catchphrase Academy

Part of the reason New Orleans won the Superbowl may be due to their use of a winning catchphrase – “Who dat”. Unfortunately Indianapolis didn’t bother to come up with a counter catch phrase – “We dat!”. The importance of catchphrase is explored in the following entertaining video – enjoy!

Remember that your catch phrase doesn’t have to be clever but it does have to be memorable! For instance the Beatles made it on “Yeah, yeah, yeah”, and also some very popular music.