Lady Gaga driving Akon out of the business


Kiefer Sutherland out of commission


VD Beats Wolfman

Looks like heart s & flowers are more effective than silver bullets, and chocolate more than garlic as romantic comedy Valentine’s Day beats out horror flick Wolfman @ the BO!

Gothic Horror Romantic Comedy – Rocky Horror Picture Show is the wave of the future?

Could this be the end of the trend to gothic themed horror romances – the klind that usually feature sexy dangerous vampires? They were becoming almost as bankable as super hero movies for awhile! Even more importantly will this mark a return to romantic comedy genre. I’ve been waiting for this ever since…

useful euphemisms

I knew that Valentine’s Day reminded me of something! Look for the same all star cast – more or less – returning for cleverly disguised Love Boat and Fantasy Island tributes (In ‘the business’ a rip off is called a ‘homage’.)! I just hope that Steve Kanaly, Lyle Waggoner, and Barbi Benton can make it to the premiers!