Canadian Ladies Get Rowdy

American discovery of Canada continues

beer on ice

The Canadian Ladies Hockey Team
celebrated their gold medal victory in style, by drinking beer and smoking cigars on the ice. Now that has some people in a bother, ’cause legal drinking age in Vancouver is 19, and some of the young women involved were 18. So some little tattletale or another (probably the person who took the pictures) decided to report them to the IOC. That lead to talks of an investigation, an apology from the rowdy ladies, and some amusing commentary by Jimmy Kimmel.

brew ha ha

From the ensuing uproar you’d think that the young ladies had been carrying on like a pack of Lindsay Lohans! It’s not like they went on some alcoholic rampage: starting barroom brawls & followed up with a group trip to the tattoo parlor. If some Americans seem a little snarky about the Canadian Ladies’ unladylike behavior, perhaps it’s because they’re beginning to doubt whether their men’s team could take them. At least we’ve finally settled Billy Bob Thornton’s “mashed potatoes” issue. Enough gravy for ya?

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