Reach for the Top

What’s the point in scaling the summit if no one is there to watch you fall?

uncouthCelebrities have a real impulse to shoot for the stars. If their personal lives are any indication it sometimes seems like the stars have started shooting back. Still you have to look at it from the celebrities viewpoint: “Why be content where I am when I can miserable, though possibly better off, some where else?”

Try to be something special, just like everyone else!

It’s easy to pick on entertainers for their over arching ambition, and the insecurities it is so deeply rooted in. They’re not alone however. ‘No one followed their demon until it mislead them’ an old saying goes. Ironically for those seeking distinction, it’s fairly commonplace to ‘feel the need for speed’, as the following short video clip demonstrates. Keep your eyes open for Wilie Coyote and his proud sponsors ACME.

fail & pwned or prisoners of gravity?
mocksure your parachute is fully loaded

If you can’t be good be fast, if you can’t be fast be first (if you can’t even be first then be Wondertrash! It’s the distinction of being last plus a honorable mention.), and most importantly make sure that your parachute has been properly packed!


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