Tiger Woods Loses Gatorade

It’s a bad time to be Tiger Woods. His numerous mistresses have gone public and some are talking to lawyers. Now the silver lining in this is that the lawyer is Gloria Allred. She’s a legal crank better known for suing the Boyscout of America and for making outrageous statements tot he press than she is for winning cases. However there’s more bad news for Tiger and that bad news is even worse. Sponsors are dropping Woods like he was a hot potato. The latest lucrative contract to get voided is with Gatorade.

Now Gatorade does promise to restore energy. I guess that they don’t want people to get the wrong idea, and expect to get too energetic. That level of energy would be hard to live up to. So creating those kind of expectations could only lead to disappointment. Maybe Tiger’s people could work something out with the Viagra manufacturers? There has to be products Woods could still represent.


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