Carly Simon’s "You’re So Vain" Man? David Geffen!

Remember when Carly Simon had that hit “You’re So Vain” and everyone tried to figure out who it was. The finger of suspicion finally landed on Warren Beatty since he was so vain he wouldn’t get why the song wasn’t about him. Even Warren Beaty figured that it sounded like him, since he called Carly to thank her for the lovely song. Later on in an interview he told a reporter “Let’s stop kidding and face it, the song’s about me.” See, he still doesn’t get it.

Well no one should be more surprised and disappointed than Warren himself to learn that the song really wasn’t about him. It was about Simon’s boss and sometime lover, the sometimes heterosexual David Geffen (That’s right, you heard me – rock music is so gay). Carly wrote the song in a jealous fit when Geffen took up with rival Joni Mitchell, and began hyping her career at Carly’s expense. If it’s any consolation to the so vain Warren Beatty, Robert Wagner did almost shoot him over Natalie Wood (Robert Wagner and Warren Beatty are old geezers that your grandmas used to get wet over back in the days of Betty White, John Barrymore and Fred Flintstone). That’s gotta be worth something.

Now from vain to hot with hot fact girl’s hot TV babes.

Hot’s a relative term since Liv Tyler gets the ‘wondertrash position’.

liv tyler wonder woman
Wondertrash Entertainment Trivia: They never said it! TV and movies are filled with things that though remembered clearly, were never said. For instance lines like “Play it again Sam“, “Win one for the Gipper“, “Beam me up” are famous one liners that were never actually said.

As an entertainment blogger I often asked about examples like these. Person repeats a line and then asks if it was ever actually said in film or on TV. I recently received one e mail from just such a reader who wanted to know if a throw away line he’s been using for years was ever actually said as he remembers it. Well I’m sorry to inform the aforementioned e mailer that no Leo Gorcey never said “Yap, yap, yap! What are you mutts yappin’ about?“, neither as one of the Dead End Kids/Bowery Boys, nor in any other film/TV project. I guess this explains those bewildered looks you mentioned. Hope that I’ve been helpful.
leo gorcey
PS. The reader might actually be thinking of James Cagney’s “Yap, yap, yap, quit your yappin’!” in the grapefruit scene from Public Enemy.

There, you see!!!


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