Clearly Canadian

As a Canadian celebrity blogger I receive 100’s an maybe even 1000’s of e mails daily asking me, “Is Canadian curling skip Cheryl Bernard the woman who used to play the lead in The Secrets of Isis?” I am happy to clarify this – “no” The woman who played Isis in the still beloved 1070’s series (circa Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman) is Joanna Cameron. After starring as Isis she went on to do some film work – she directed and narrated films for the USAF. Nowadays she runs a hotel management firm in Hawaii. Cheryl Bernard is a Canadian Olympic athlete.

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Jude Law Backs Teen Effort to Fund Film

Celebrities usually get a hard time here at Wondertrash. Occasionally though a celebrity does something genuinely praiseworthy. Jude Law has taken time to support two young independent film makers. He’s using his influence to help them get their project funded. It makes a refreshing change from celebrities who glom onto an already established cause in order to boost their own image. Who knows – perhaps Jude is backing this because he really believes that it’s worth while.

Speaking of celebrities who glom onto causes, Johnny Depp is one of many celebrities supporting the West Memphis 3.


James Bond is in a cruel business

Pierce Brosnon has had a funny relationship with the James Bond franchise. They wanted him back during his Remington Steele days but NBC wouldn’t let him out of his contract. Once Timothy Dalton (father of Oksana Sugartits Greigoriva’s first child) was cast, NBC canceled Steele. Dalton’s second run as Bond wasn’t so good, and finally Brosnan got his chance. Though he was popular in the role, as Brosnan reveals in the following interview, he was unceremoniously dropped from the role. As Pierce says, it’s always been a cruel business.

So Hollywood executives have done what Soviet spies & SMERSH never could – get rid of 007! It’s probably no consolation to PB, but arguably the best Bond film ever was Her Majesty’s Secret Service with George Lazenby. That was to be Lazenby’s one and only run in the role.


Sex Addiction

Ever since Tiger Woods’ mojo went berserk people have been asking “is sex addiction for real?” Many celebrity types claim to be suffering from it. The list goes from John F. Kennedy right up to modern day sleazes & douch bags like Charlie Sheen and the under endowed (allegedly) but very over active Jon Gosselin. Michael Douglas once claimed to be a sex addict. He then went on to screw Catherine Zeta Jones till she became bow legged! Mikey seems to have sex on the brain (an unfortunate place to have it as Brit journalist Malcolm Muggeridge once wryly observed). While being interviewed about his son’s problems with another kind of addiction, Michael got side tracked and began talking about what a wonderful enhancement Viagra is. It was as if he decided to segue – “While we’re on the topic of drugs…” His one track mind started to wander back in the same old direction.

Celebrities aren’t really so different from everyone else went it comes to the birds and the bees. Everyone likes sex – except for the misfits! Celebs are just in a position to get a lot more action! It’s human nature to try and get as much of a good thing as possible. So isn’t addiction just an excuse? In the following short video the usual array of experts, shrinks, commentators, and other professional know it alls add their two cents worth to the debate. Naturally nothing gets resolved. Just take a look see.

Whether or not sex addiction is real, indulging with a vengeance can leave you sorry. It also can leave a lot of people demanding apologies. One of Tiger’s many many many companions wants to know why he hasn’t tried to make nice with her yet. It looks like Woods didn’t leave her wanting more.

Now on a final note –


Denise Richards and Friend Chat With Paparazzi

So what’s celebuslut Denise Richards’ up to these days? When she’s not defending her ex Charlie Sheen, or relentlessly Twittering, she likes to chat up the paparazzi, like in the following youtube video –

come on and come off it

It’s a pleasure to see a celeb who actually appreciates the attention, rather than lashing out temper tantrum style. Then again with no actual talent, rapidly fading looks, and a reputation that’s dirt; Denise is probably glad anyone’s paying attention to her. Celebrities complain about the paparazzi, but I’m sure that they’re secretly glad the gutter press is there. They wouldn’t be on Twitter telling the world about what they had for dinner if they weren’t desperate for attention.


Johnny Depp Talks Alice in Wonderland

Johnny Depp ain’t the only one with a sweet new gig. Britney Spears has found some new employment too!


Octomom does the View