Freaky Friday – Tabloid Roundup

Some very nice fluff pieces but for the real dirt you’ve got go to the Internet!

Now for an interesting take on the old celebrity lookalike routine, here are celebrities that look like other celebrities!

Reptilian World Order keeps it in the family

There is a rational explanation as to why so many celebrities resemble each other – except for the naked mole rat guy. If you’ve been listening to Gary The Spaceman Bell on 640 AM Toronto’s The View From Space on Saturday evenings then you’d realize that celebrities belong to the same reptilian bloodline that rules the world from the sidelines. The bloodline likes to keep all the money and power within ‘the family’ – so that explains why there are show business dynasties. Only reptilian blue bloods get a piece of the action. I would’ve thought it was just old fashioned nepotism, so I’ve probably got to put my tin foil hat back on until the radio waves have grounded out. BTW if you think this is some kind of conspiracy theory (when did CT’s get a bad name??), then just remember that V is being remade!

Paper tigers

The First Amendment served it’s purpose in helping Liberals undermine America, but now it’s just getting in the way! So let’s not get hung up on the Constitution – it’s just a piece of paper, people!” Did you know that the US Constitution was written over 200 years ago? Hardly relevant to today’s post modern world. We face issues that Thomas Jefferson could never have envisioned, like Internet porn.

If you think that was far fetched then wait until you hear about one of the TV pilots that’s in danger of becoming a full blown series this fall. It’s about a police dept with a radical new interrogation technique and it’s called “Good Cop, Better Cop”. Scenarios go something like this:

I’ll take my civil rights with a pizza and a 6 pack to go!

Good Cop: Have you been informed of your Miranda right to council?

Better Cop: Informed him? I’ve already called for his attorney, & an extra large pizza!

Good Cop: I can beat that – let’s let him go!

Prep/suspect: Not until my pizza gets here!

The thinking is that by creating a criminal comfort zone, accused types will stop running away from the police and into the prisons where creature comforts like cable TV, conjugal visits, and access to higher education await them. They’ve got a real snappy opening theme too. I think that it’s something by Mike Carpenter! Besides Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton has one of his patented witty rejoinders for such conspiracy BS:


Tatum O’Neal and Ryan O’Neal At Premiere Of "The Runaways"

Stunned actor attends movie premier

ryan outraged over farrah snub attends movie premier in protestWhen it comes to moral indignation Ryan O Neal is more familiar with the indignation. This time the moral part is paying off. Ryan was quite vocal about the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences omission of Farrah Fawcett from their annual death list. The Academy didn’t consider Farrah important enough or something, even though she acted in the first ScFi pic to win an Oscar – Logan’s Run for special effects in 1976. The public was ‘kind of’ upset (irate) to so the Academy had to do a ‘sort of’ apology (don’t blame us) : they’re sorry you’re upset but they’re not sorry they left her off the list. You can’t blame the Academy for being sensitive. Actors are huge hyper egos (translation: big babies) crying out to the world “Don’t judge me, love me”. It’s why they hate critics & love stylists. Ironically they can be each others’ worst critics.

Anyway now Ryan is getting out and about more to some of the Hollywood premiers. It’s the Hollywood community’s way of acknowledging Farrah, which is a form of spin control on the whole “Farrah snubbed, public outraged” deal. Here he is with award winning daughter Tatum @ “The Runaways“.

Has Ryan found a new angle? Hope he doesn’t discover Twitter!

Now that O Neal has discovered that indignation pays will there be any way to calm him down? He’ll be ranting on and on about what a great actress Farrah was as long as the invites keep coming. Meanwhile the courts have restricted his access to Redmond, the son he had by Farrah. Just as well, because bad stuff seems to happen to people who are too close to Ryan for too long. Redmond has had plenty of bad stuff happen already. Who would’ve guessed that being born with one foot on the finish line was a short cut to disaster?

BTW remember to check out the naughtiness over @ Celebrity Bitchslap, where you’ll be treated to stories like such as these:

Michael Sheen is a fine actor, but does any living actor deserve more than a 60 second autobiography? Now they might well deserve every tabloid headline that they get, & then some. They earned them!