Nightmare Nanny From Hell

It’s 11AM, do you know how your kids are?

Celebrities aren’t the only ones cap0able of outrageous conduct. Everyday people have their moments too. Usually when they do cameras aren’t rolling to catch the mischief. With information technology developing by leaps and bounds more and more average people are getting caught in the act during their ‘celebrity moments’. Take the case of this nasty nanny who got taped abusing an 11 month old child while the parents were away at work. The parents became suspicious when they noticed the tot had a black eye. Here’s the story:


Coming Up Rosie

The big & the brazen

Could big fat loud mouth Rosie O Donnell be returning to daytime TV? Well she ain’t gonna be going on any Scientology sponsored reality TV diets.

Rosie gets it – there’s a place for big loud broads in TV, like Oprah Winfrey and Rosanne Barr Arnold Barr. If I were Kirstie Alley I wouldn’t be so eager to lose the weight. People are more interested in seeing her try to lose the weight than they are in seeing actually become slimmer. Despite being a good actress and an interesting person, this is the first time that former Cheers hottie as been relevant in years. Pretty girls on TV are a dime a dozen.

The combination of an Oscar winning A List actress, her bad boy husband, and his tattooed neo nazi porn actress girlfriend is still proving irresistible to professional tattle tales other wise known as journalists. The tattlers seem to be at the ‘who’s to blame’ stage of the story, and the finger is pointing directly at Oscar for being such bad luck.

So is Oscar an over rated nuisance, like the Hope Diamond? Well Casablanca, though nominated for an Academy Award, didn’t win. Does anyone remember the picture that beat it?

Someone who had her share of good and bad luck, and who was also a big loud broad, was the late lamented Anna Nicole Smith. During her career as a publicity hound she briefly married a octogenarian oil billionaire named Marshall (if Anna didn’t get invitroed with 8 to 10 embryos it’s only because she didn’t think of it – though it should be said that she had the bod to handle it). Say what you will about Anna her Marshall marriage was one of the few celeb marriages that didn’t end in divorce – Marshall died. That left ANS with a dubious claim on his billions which she pursued with a vengeance. Well the jury in on that and the verdict is no dice for the ANS estate!