Sean Penn helps

“I’m so much more than a guy who appears in videos – I care about stuff!” Sometimes he even thinks! Okay dipshit, you left the good one. Now you’re left with your marginal talent and winning personality to get by on. Maybe Madonna would still be interested in the few stones left unturned. Hey Asshole, why don’t you try sponsoring a few of the worthwhile movies out there? Or you could go cro-magnon again. The paps don’t care as long as they can see your pretty face.



Jennifer Aniston and Gerrard Butler share chemistry in The Bounty Hunter

Tired of hearing about Sandra Bullock and her hubby’s porn actress gal pal? Well here’s a couple that seem to be getting along just fine. They’re Jennifer Aniston and Gerrard Butler. There have been a lot of rumors about them too, though nothing involving either tattoos or porno chicks. Basically they’ve hit it off really well in their new movie The Bounty Hunter. In fact they’ve hit it off so well that tongues have started wagging. Both Jen and Gerry have been playing coy about the relationship stories, but in this interview the pair fess up that there is chemistry between them. Not only that but they’re an attractive looking couple too!

For those not yet tired of the Sandra Bullock story there’s a rumor that Jesse James has been pictured wearing the same hat that Stripper McGee wore in her Nazi themed photo shoot, and he’s flashing the Heil Hitler salute! Oddly enough Sandra is Jewish on her mother’s side. Helga Meyer is an opera singer from Nuremberg who married Sandra’s father, a Texan. BTW Sandy is fluent in German.