Drugged out Peahces Geldorf sluts it up @ Scientology center

Peaches channels her inner Jerry Blank @ Scientology Center

Sir Bob Geldorf started out as a rock musician but became better known as a charity organizer. He’s still relevant as the father of Peaches Geldorf (not a Tolkien character). She’s best known as a celebrity screw up. Now there are rumors that Peaches has been involved in a heroin fueled sex romp at a Scientology center. Let’s get the details from a friendly Aussie commentator in the following short video clip.

She’s a rich girl who’s gone too far cause she knows it doesn’t matter anyway

That young woman is a boozer, a user, and a loser; but she can afford to be.
Peaches Geldorf isn’t the only one making a Scientology related spectacle of herself. Kirstie Alley is gloating over the demise of Conan O Brien’s career to anyone who will listen. Back in the days when Conan had a TV show, Kirstie Alley was a favorite topic of his. Or more like a big fat target. Nowadays Conan has been relegated to Twitter (something he and Kirstie now share in common) and Kirstie has a brand new series called The Big Life. Kirstie wants everyone to know how pleased she is with the way things worked out too. Here’s Kirstie enjoying the table turning in the following video.

BTW The Big Life is still not a Scientology scam, but they still do have adjoining office space with high ranking Scientologists.

Kirstie mentioned in the above interview that this might be karma. Of course that’s what Sharon Stone said when the earth quake hit China. Stone is a very good friend of the Dalia Lama, as well as of numerous plastic surgeons. Well Stone wound up in shit very fast over those insensitive and thoughtless comments (Sharon can be a bitch, so can karma).

It’s no secret that celebs are very much into that whole karma-New Age-Laws of Manifestation deal. It was only a matter of time before they learned how to harness the force for evil. So here now are some helpful tips on how to rid yourself of bad karma. It might be worth paying attention to just in case there are some big bitter fatties in your past.

Remember that what goes around comes around – so don’t let it catch up with you!

Conan and karma


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