Fergie Falls, Again

Fergie’s been pretty open about her past substance abuse issues. Those issues seem to extend into the present. A couple of years ago a South American concert had to be canceled because Fergs was too drunk to perform. She did show up, and insisted on singing, but the band was so embarrassed that they walked off of the stage. That left an inebriated (fancy word for bombed out of her mind) Fergie swaying back and forth on the stage as she told the audience how much she loved them.

Well it seems like Fergus may be due for a stint in Celebrity Rehab because she’s had more trouble with her balance and coordination. During a recent Black Eyed Peas concert the Fergalicious One went down on all fours during a number. It wasn’t part of the choreography either! Lets have a look at the video, which was quick to make it onto You tube.

Now here’s some video from that embarrassing El Salvador concert.

so damn drunk

“I don’t think so – Fergie don’t play that!” The cover story for that was food poisoning. Fergie seems to have a lot of trouble with that because some other food poisoning attacks have made it to youtube: like a disoriented Fergie losing track of the ground while attending The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party.

Well it was New Years, and her husband cheats – so I guess she has some good excuses. Now here she is drunk @ the Superbowl.

Even the late great Dean Martin would be appalled. Fergie seems to have gone beyond the Lindsay Lohan level of public intoxication and is well into Mischa Barton territory! That young woman could wind up as a judge on American Idol (like Paula Abdul) if she doesn’t clean up her act! It’s not like she would be difficult to replace. Lisa from Big Brother 9 looks like she could step up. She’s got the Fergie routine down pat.

black eyed peas Stacey fergie Ferguson is drunk on the job again


The View From Space March 27th 2010

Spaced out Sunday

What would tabloid journalism be without the odd conspiracy theory? Gary the Spaceman Bell’s The View From Space on 640 AM is as odd as it gets. This is the guy who claimed that the deaths of Heath Ledger and Natasha Richardson were Illuminati blood sacrifices! Most people would say that’s not funny. The Spaceman would probably reply that he’s not joking. You can tell how he got kicked off of the air about 4 times.

So just hit the play button on the nifty widget below, then sit back and listen in astonishment as the Spaceman gives you the low down. You won’t believe what he has to say about Earth Hour. This is radio you need to keep the lights on for!

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The Spaceman can be heard on Toronto’s 640 Am Saturday evenings after the hockey game, and at 8 PM after hockey season!

The View From Space March 27th 2010 with gary the spaceman bell