Jesse James Checks into Rehab

Things keep going from bad to worse for Jesse James. A 4rth woman has come forward claiming to have carnal knowledge of the Vanilla Gorilla. So his slut count is steadily rising. Sandra Bullock calls him once a day to chat with the kids but has made it clear that she is not interested in his pleas. So that leaves him seeking redemption celebrity style – through a trip to sex rehab.

At least he picked a good time. Jesse is rehabbing at he same time as some ‘Nazi pix’ are hotting the web. The photos show JJ dolled up like Col. Klink & wearing a WW2 German officer’s cap and giving a Hiel Hilter salute. His company logo also features some Nazi type imagery. That leaves people asking the obvious question “How could Sandra not know that she was married to a neo Nazi? She is half German herself. Something tells me this story is just warming up and that Jesse might not be the only one doing some explaining.


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