Kardashian dumped over sex tape

Short cut to fame costs sex taper in other areas – like being a wife

Kim Kardhasian shot to fame after a sex tape made with her former boyfriend Ray J hit the Internet. It made her a Paris Hilton type celebrity phenomenon. Ray J admits that he taped the video, but denies that he released it. According to him Kardashian took it with her, then claimed to have lost it whole moving. Since she’s the one who benefited from it’s release that’s entirely plausible.

By benefited I refer to the dubious celebrity that Kardashian has since enjoyed. She even went on to date Reggie Bush and was at the Superbowl sidelines when the Saints won. There was even some serious talk of marriage, mostly from Kim. Amazing what doors a sex tape can open these days.

Don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out

The sex tape has opened one more door for Kardashian. This one is marked exit. Seems that though Reggie enjoyed screwing a sex tape girl, he wasn’t so keen on introducing her as Mrs. Bush. To be more specific Reggie’s mom caught wind of the tape, and of Kim’s intentions, and put her foot down. That kind of notoriety is an edge that cuts both ways. Great if you want to go viral, and handicap if you intend to go legit one day – as Paris Hilton could tell you. So what will Kim’s next move be – calling Bush out publicly as a momma’s boy? I suppose that it couldn’t hurt.


Kardashian will probably land on her feet after this recent dumping. She might as well land somewhere else considering how well padded she is.

caution: X-tra wide load

Speaking of notoriety here’s Gary the Spaceman Bell with a topic everyone over 18 is against – Christmas. Spaceman will reveal the true birthday of Christ and tell you why Amanita muscaria is as important to Christmas as mistletoe. The good news is that Christmas is about 9 months away. The bad news is that it’s even worse than you imagined!

Reindeer can fly cause Santa gets high – on magic mushrooms!

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