Colin Farrell: Punchdrunk in Clobbertown

a new calm and clean lifestyle

Dirty Colin Farrell has been behaving himself since his sex tape tanked his movie career. He even claimed to have gone through rehab and to have been clean for 6 months or more. More ended recently when Colin was pictured out, about, and in high spirits.

Paris of Hollywood

The scene of the crime was Cafe De Paris, in Hollywood, and Colin wasn’t there for any 12 step meetings. His nifty ensemble of two toned denim, inside out t shirt, and woven early 70’s style belt must’ve attracted the wrong kind of attention, because bystanders began teasing Farrell. Let this be a lesson, never dress yourself while either hung over or stoned.

Sensitive when hurt, but mostly drunk

Colin can be a very sensitive fellow. When a by stander grabbed him by the collar from behind, the actor decided to take it personally. Well one thing lead to another and the swinging started. I guess the guy brought the Irish out in Farrell. The two then went their separate ways with no clear winner. No word on whether Colin will be headed off to any kind of rehab or making any kind of mea culpa’s, whether necessary or not.


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