Mean girls

There have been rumors about friction between Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson on the set of Ironman. If you were expecting the Ironman hotties to carry on like Kim Possible and Shego then you might be disappointed. Gwyneth, for one, doesn’t know what people are talking about. She likes Scarlett just fine, even calling her “a girl after my own heart”. Johansson for her part, claims she’s picking up style tips from Johansson.

That GOOP must be strong stuff to have pacified the gals’ natural bitchiness. One person they might want to get GOOPed would be Supermodel Naomi Campbell. Naomi has some anger issues and especially when she’s coked up. She’s left more than one assistant battered & bruised, and has a hard time keeping herself in cell phones. They are her weapon of choice when she wants to reach out and touch some body. Naomi will soon be appearing on Oprah to talk about her anger issues, and to sign one of those no texting agreements – her future drivers should be pleased!

Though the episode promises to be revealing don’t be too surprised if it just covers old ground. Celebrities can be surprisingly canny when they want to be. Sandra Bullock managed to keep her adoption a secret for 3 months – and that was during Awards season. I’ll never know how she managed to pick up her Razzie in person. Also Halle Berry’s split from Gabriel Aubry is months old too, though we’re just hearing about it:

Halle says through her publicist that she and Aubry are putting their daughter first – translation: Aubry wasn’t good enough for Berry and she hopes that she’s made him cry.

Wondertrash thought of the day: Remember that gossip is only second hand news.


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