Justin Bieber Fail

Fame and the carousel of fail

Looks like more trouble for Justin Bieber. If you’ll the lad got in a spot of bother when he told a New Zealand reporter that we don’t use the term “German” in America. Bieber then went on to say that he thought the reporter was using the term “Jew-man”, and so wanted to shut things down fast. It’s easy to get the wrong end of things when you’re on a 26 hour a day schedule, and the Bieber is young, so folk are willing to cut him some slack over that.

if you can’t stop the world and let me off, then could you at least slow it down till I catch up?

Odd remarks aren’t the only thing that Bieber get’s the wrong end of though. He also has some difficulty with revolving doors. In the following short video (as obviously staged as anything ever shown on America’s Funniest Home Videos), the Bieber gets beaned in the noggin while trying to get through one of those tricky contraptions!


The days of the Star Trek Federation sliding automatic door can’t come soon enough. That is unless Beiber can find some way to screw that up too. He really should try to get used to the revolving doors. Those things keep reappearing, and various forms, throughout a show business career.

Chin up Bieber, wait until you’ve done this for as long as Ian Jethro Tull Anderson. He shares some of his experience in this little video called “I don’t think that I can do this anymore“.



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