Atomic Kitten is Ballistic!

atomic kitten kerry katona's drugged out private life exposed in new documentaryHow fucked up is Kerry Katona? Fucked up enough to lose her lucrative endorsements after her coke snorting home video got leaked to the media. Kerry’s been trying to reform her image, but that effort is about to get blown out of thew water with yet more video. A documentary on the former Atomic Kitten singer is about to be released that was done at the worst of her addiction period.

The doc, due to be aired in February, shows Katona so messed up that she usually slurs her words. It also shows her losing it with the kids. During one segment Katona howls at her brood ‘You miserable bunch, you think you’ve got problems in life!‘ Her partner Mark Croft also gets in on the act telling 8 year old daughter Molly ‘I’m just about to smash your head in.’ Molly is a target for Katona too, who threatens to”knock out” the girl.
Since filming the documentary Katona has dropper her husband Mark Croft, and hired a new manager, Claire Powell. Powell has tired to clean up Katona’s trashed imaged. She’s booked Katona to star in anew reality TV series intended to show a clean and sober nice and easy version of KK. Powell has also tried to get the unfortunate documentary banned. Her attempts have been unsuccessful The flick is due to air as scheduled on C4, Thursday @ 10PM. So if you want to see how screwed up Katona is, then you can see for yourselves. Sounds like there’s a not ready for prime time family that’s in even rougher shape than the Gosselins!


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